Lift'Argan, Lift Argan

Lift’Argan are certified moisturizing, anti-aging treatments, body oils and makeup-care treatments.

Location: France
Products range: Face care (exfoliator, mask, cream, face oil, serum, day cream, night cream, moisturizer), body care (hand cream, body cream, hand&nail repair cream, bath&massage oil), make up (tinted moisturizer), men care (eye cream, cleansing gel, shaving gel, shaving cream, after shave balm).

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  1. Je cherche en Haute Savoie “Lift’Argan Huile d’Argan 100% pure) en 50 ml ou plus grand, mais ma pharmacie dit qu’ils n’ont plus offrir ce tailles, seulement les bouteilles plus petites (et baucoup plus chere).

    Est-ce que vous pouvez me renseigner sure des pharmacies, ou a Annecy, Annemasse ou Geneve, ou je pourrais trouve ce produit prefere?


    • I do not understand what needs moderation in my question. I am simply looking for stores in the Geneva-Annecy area which will continue to sell the LEA 100% pur organic Argan oil (of which I have had several bottles) in the 50 ml bottle. My pharmacy says it is phasing that size out in favor of smaller more expensive bottles!

      • Hello Rebekah,

        Thank you for your comment.
        We use anti-spam programs and therefore manually approve comments. The fact that you posted your comment at midnight, it deems it difficult for your comments to be approved right away – as we were asleep at that time.

        In our Lift Argan dedicated page, you can find nearly 50 internet stores selling Lift Argan products; most of these stores ship internationally. As far as us knowing where in your local region would brick-and-mortar stores sell Lift Argan 50 ml argan oil? That would be rather impossible, wouldn’t you agree?

        Monde Bio, for example, ships internationally and offers Lift Argan products:

        Lift’ Argan Lift’Argan dry oil with organic Argan 50ml

        Lift’ Argan Lift’Argan anti wrinkle Argan Oil 50ml

        Lift’ Argan Huile d’Argan 100% pure Lift’Argan 100ml

        A little bit of patience and courtesy goes a long way, we believe.

  2. Hello,
    Have you any physical shop in France (near Paris) or Italy? I need of Lift argan bb cream divine 6 in 1 and in Italy is practically impossible to find it!
    Thank you

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