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Laurel Whole Plant Organics Facial Exfoliant is a gentle, yet surprisingly effective facial peeling, based on almonds and oats grains, and suitable for all skin types.


Laurel Whole Plant Organics Facial Exfoliant Review 

For keeping my skin fresh and clear, exfoliating is one of the main beauty routines of mine. I’m sure you know my favorite exfoliant has been, for many years now, Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser, so whenever a new exfoliant comes into my hands, you know it will have to perform and compete against Suki’s.

So, being used to exfoliants, which are sugar-based and therefore a bit more raw, I was skeptical when I opened Laurel Whole Plant Organics Exfoliant. The first impression was – this looks like cake fill, hehe; the exfoliant is in dry form and has a gentle almondy scent and just a hint of rose geranium scent. I moisten the face and drop a few drops of water into a small amount of exfoliant grains to mix it in a paste. I’d suggest you add less water, so the paste is not runny and the application thicker, but also, so you don’t have to add more exfoliant than necessary.

When I first applied Laurel Whole Plant Organics Exfoliant, I thought to myself… hmm, I don’t think this will work, as the exfoliant is really gentle and there’s no such traction as compared to sugar-based exfoliants. After about 5 minutes of massaging the exfoliant, I was in for a surprise! The skin was so soft and smooth! For the sake of testing the exfoliant, I had to quickly apply mineral powder (with no moisturizer) to see if there were any dry patches – there were none!

Laurel Whole Plant Organics Facial Exfoliant Review

Since this exfoliant is so gentle, you can freely use it in the morning, as it won’t leave your skin with any redness. After I use the exfoliant, I use some type of toner, be it a hydrolate or Laurel Whole Plant Organics Elixir, and then continue with a normal beauty rutine – whether it’s make up application, or in the evening – some serum (the amazing Laurel’s Balancing Serum works perfectly with this exfoliant). From time to time, I apply a little bit more of an exfoliant on my skin and leave it there as a nourishing mask, and then proceed with exfoliation.

* * *

How about the ingredients?

Ingredients: Almonds˚, Oats˚, Chamomile˚, Nettle˚, Rose Petal˚, Red Clover˚, Marshmallow˚; essential oils of Rose˚, Rose Geranium˚ ˚signifies certified organic ingredient

Almond and oat grains gently exfoliate. Chamomile, a potent antioxidant, has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and astringent, as well as calming properties. Nettle is rich in minerals and vitamins, it has especially high content of soluble vitamin C. Red Clover contains many minerals and vitamins, most notably vitamin C; it promotes radiant and healthy skin. Marshmallow has healing anti-inflammatory properties; it soothes, and softens the skin. Rose Geranium has anti-inflammatory, astringent and antiseptic properties. It balances and regulates oil and sebum, thus great for oily and acne prone skin, as well as dry and mature skin. It promotes skin circulation.

And – rose oil.

Potentially problematic ingredients? None.

* * *

My final word?

Laurel Whole Plant Organics Exfoliant is another great product from Laurel brand. The exfoliation is gentle on the skin, yet it leaves the skin soft, smooth and with a bit of a natural healthy glow. I typically exfoliate approximately every 5 days, but this exfoliant, being so gentle, could be used more often. All skin types would benefit from this exfoliant, even those, who have painful acne.

Laurel Whole Plant Organics Facial Exfoliant Review

The only issue I have with this exfoliant is that while massaging it onto the skin, chunks tend to fall off, so the best way to go about it is to massage the exfoliant with your palms instead of just fingers.

The price? At first, it seems $44 would be a lot for an exfoliant, but the full size contains 50ml of it, and since it’s only needed 1 tea spoon of it, as well as it being in a dry form, thus lasting longer (as long as you’re careful and make sure you keep it away from water), I think the price is reasonable and justifiable; with a regular use of, say, every 5 days, you could stretch Laurel Whole Plant Organics Exfoliant to 5 months, easily.

If you’re looking for a gentle, yet effective natural exfoliant – then I recommend you give the Laurel Whole Plant Organics Exfoliant a try – you won’t be disappointed.

* * *

You can get Laurel Whole Plant Organics products at The Detox Market and Nuciya.

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Which type of exfoliant do you prefer: sugar-based, grain-based? Depending on the needs of the skin? Have you tried Laurel Whole Plant Organics Facial Exfoliant – and – did you like it? Does $44 seem a lot for a facial exfoliant? Let me know in the comments!

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Laurel Whole Plant Organics Facial Exfoliant has been provided to Nature of Europe by Laurel Whole Plant Organics for the purpose of an honest review.

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