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Kure Bazaar nail polishes combine French chic by way of rich and elegant colors, while not containing harmful ingredients found in many nail polishes.

Kure Bazaar Nail Polish Review

And we have it – long awaited flowery and chirpy – Spring! For this occasion, I waited with the review of Kure Bazaar nail polishes – to bring you something colorful on this day.

Nail polishes are my weak spot when it comes to cosmetics; and have been since I was a little girl. I was able to have my nails painted for one weekend a month and I had this beautiful baby pink nail polish. Looking back, given the ingredients in nail polishes, it may not have been a great idea, but those were different times; now I know better and when you know better you (tend to) do better.

Later on, in my teens, I basically went all out on nail polish, and can’t say I stopped much. The only difference now is I do not buy as many nail polishes as I used to. Can’t say I was all over the place when it comes to colors, though there were occasions where I steered off the course when it came to usual colors; I’ve always preferred natural, nude tones, especially of the pink, mauve hues, along with grey ones – quite honestly, this color duo – pink and grey – is what is usually found in other aspects of my life – from clothing, shoes, bags, interior… Yes, indeed, I am quite fond of adding pink and grey to my life.

* * *

Nail polish, in my eyes, has always been that cherry on the top, that fashion accessory which makes such a difference, and it doesn’t require a lot of money or a lot of time, when it comes to being put together. That is, until last year, when nail polish was the first to go – there was no time nor will to even bother with anything that was not of the utmost importance in my life at that time.

So, many moons ago, when I switched to natural cosmetics, nail polish was one of those beauty products it was hard to come across a less toxic ones as compared to other beauty products. I mean, even back then, it was obvious by the smell of nail polishes that something was (very) wrong with this beauty product – it had that distinctive smell of – chemicals, similar to various industrial topical polishes and colors. But more on the ingredients in nail polishes later.

* * *

About ten or so year ago, I came across Zoya nail polishes, which are from USA, so I had friends send them over to Europe. Yep, another expensive beauty expedition. If I just think how much I spent back in the day on natural cosmetics, before the many natural beauty stores opened around Europe… I give myself a headache.

Well, fast forward to present times, someone, who is a huge fan of natural nail polishes, feels like a little pig in a mud when it comes to buying natural nail polishes in Europe, while at the same time, I have to point this out, I have trained myself into buying less (even) nail polishes – while nail polish is a product that does not fall under “I need this product” as it is, I am a lot more disciplined when it comes to buying nail polishes left and right. Yes, the wishlist is endless, but I try, as much as I can, being mindful when it comes to this luxury as well; after all, does anyone really need 100 nail polishes? Does that fall under being green? I think not.

* * *

When Kure Bazaar, a chic French brand offering super beautiful nail polish colors came out, I had to get the one color I use the most from various other brands – the Rose Milk. Needless to say, I had many on my wish list (and when I say many, I could just as well say – all of them).

So for the first day of Spring, I’ll review a few of the Kure Bazaar nail polish colors for you, specifically the Lily Rose, Dolce, Cashmere, Sofisticato and Tea Rose.

Kure Bazaar Dolce

Kure Bazaar Dolce is the sheerest of the nail polishes I am reviewing today. The color is a very beautiful nude and dusky rose. If you wish to have the most natural look, then I suggest you use only one coat, but if you wish for this color to fully come to life, then I suggest 3 coats.

Kure Bazaar Lily Rose

Kure Bazaar Lily Rose – a beautiful vintage dusky pink and the finish is sheer. For  an all natural look, I suggest one coat; with two coats, you will already achieve the full color.

Kure Bazaar Sofisticato

Kure Bazaar Sofisticato – nomen est omen – this hot chocolate (of coffee with milk) taupe nail polish is, indeed – sophisticated. This color worked so well with my pink winter coat! With this color, I’d suggest 2 layers to achieve the full color, and believe me – you will wish to, as this opaque creme taupe color is truly elegant.

Kure Bazaar Cashmere

Kure Bazaar Cashmere – oh, I feel like this grey color was made for me. It falls somewhere between light and dark grey, the finish is opaque and I suggest two coats in order to bring this beautiful color to life. Excellent to combine with a pink dress, mustard scarf, grey All Stars, white skinny jeans… the combinations are endless.

Kure Bazaar Tea Rose

Kure Bazaar Tea Rose – vintage and almost a classical red, somewhere between the color of wine with a distant hint of a brown undertone. Elegant, indeed, and can be used for any occasion, though it does have that Christmas Holidays feel to it. I found this color to be the most difficult to apply, but then again, these type of colors and textures usually are. One coat could achieve almost a full color, but for a really rich finish, I’d suggest 2 coats.

As you may have noticed (and I’ve received quite a few questions asking me about this topic), I do not like long nails or some crazy nail art – you know – 23 different colors on 3 cm long nails. I’m of an opinion that nails should be short, well taken care of (and that applies to not walking around with chipped nail polish either). And no – I cannot stand fake nails, in any shape or form either – whether they are pressed on, gel-like… it looks cheap, unaesthetic, non-hygienic and quite honestly, it’s terrible for your nails, as it destroys them.

* * *

How about the ingredients? Before I say more on the Kure Bazaar nail polish’s ingredients, allow me a few words on which ingredients the Kure Bazaar nail polish does not contain:

  • Formaldehyde: there are no words for this insanely harmful, toxic carcinogen. With an EWG rating of red-flagging 10, whatever you do, make sure you avoid any and all products containing this terrible ingredient.
  • Toluene: another extremely dangerous, harmful, toxic carcinogen. With an EWG rating of 10, avoid this ingredient at all costs!
  • Dibutyl phthalate: another poisonous ingredient with an EWG rating of 10, a reproductive and developmental toxicant – to name just a few terrible aspects.
  • Synthetic camphor: a synthetic ingredient, used as pest repellent and for embalming. Stay away from this ingredient.

* * *


Now, before I say a word or two about the above ingredients, I have to point out that even though nail polishes, which do not contain the most toxic ingredients, still do contain some ingredients, which are not completely safe. While there are some brands, which offer water-based nail polishes, most do not.

Basically, all the ingredients in the Kure Bazaar nail polish can be irritating to skin, lungs and eyes and can pose some type of organ toxicity. None of these ingredients are as harmful and toxic as the ones most conventional nail polishes contain, but nonetheless, the ingredients even in nail polishes, which do not contain the most harmful ingredients, still do contain ingredients, which are not completely innocent. Having said that, you have to take into an account, that this type of a product has to contain such ingredients in order to provide better application, staying power etc. of the product.

There are a few ingredients which fall under more harmful classification:

  • Benzophenone-1, an UV absorber; concerns:  endocrine disruption and human skin toxicant and allergen
  • Tocopheryl acetate, antioxidant, which can be human skin toxicant and allergen

Some colorants in nail polishes can also fall under toxic ingredients; the Kure Bazaar nail polishes do not have them listed.

* * *

My final word?

Kure Bazaar nail polishes are, indeed, sophisticated, elegant and come in a variety of beautiful, rich colors. The packaging is minimalist and elegant as well – exactly what you’d expect from a French beauty brand. The application is easy and smooth as the texture and the brush make it very convenient.

Kure Bazaar Nail Polish Review


The finish of Kure Bazaar nail polishes also covers all your desires – whether you prefer a sheer and very natural look on your nails, or a full coverage – Kure Bazaar has it all. The colors have a high shine and rarely lose the pigment power. The Kure Bazaar nail polishes also dry fast

Where the Kure Bazaar nail polishes lack a bit is duration before they start chipping – even with the top coat, I found them starting chipping off around day 3, so I tend to use another top nail polish coat around the time I suspect the nail polish might start chipping off.

The price? Yes, this one is quite a thorn in my fan-of-nail-polish behind – it’s around €16  for 10ml. Ouch! In all honesty, I cannot ignore nor justify the high price of these nail polishes, but that doesn’t mean I won’t buy them again – because I will. I know what you get with a nail polish that costs only, say, €3, but €16 is quite a steep price. Sure, the amount of nail polish is generous, though not as generous as with some other nail polishes, the nail polishes do tend to last for a long time (intermezzo: I cannot tell you how many times I’ve lamented why the brands won’t offer mini sizes of nail polishes), but still…

Having said all that – I very much recommend these elegant beauties called Kure Bazaar nail polishes.

* * *

Have you tried Kure Bazaar nail polishes yet? How did you like them? Do you frequently use nail polish or just occasionally? Are you aware of the toxic ingredients in conventional nail polishes and does that steer you away from using them? And lastly – would you pay €16 for a nail polish? I’d really like to hear your opinions on this.

* * *

For more information on Kure Bazaar, please visit their dedicated brand page.

* * *

Kure Bazaar Nail Polishes have been provided to Nature of Europe by Love Lula for the purpose of an honest review.

Nature of Europe is Love Lula’s Accredited Blogger.

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  3 Responses to “Kure Bazaar Nail Polish Review”

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  1. I never liked nail polish,because my fingers look like chicken claw :/. And when I put nail polish ,it puts them even more in the spotlight. But,if I had long,straight fingers,I would definitely wear a red one! Fake nails-did it once,took them off on the third day. It wasn’t my thing and it ruined my nails completely. Plus,I felt like an invalid,couldn’t do anything with them on

    • Oh, Ana, aren’t you a bit too harsh on yourself? Chicken claw? Really?

      Tee hee, back, in my teenage years (when fake nails were not as “good” as they are today), I put fake nails on, once, before going out for the weekend. In a matter of few hours, even though I tried my best not to even touch them, as it was obvious they could fall off any moment, I was picking them one by one of the floor. Embarrassing, to say the least. That was my one and only “foray” into the world of fake nails. Never again.

      Aside from not being able to do anything with those long fake nails and the fact they ruin your nails, they also look horrendous, if you ask me. This trend, from Instagram “models” to what you, unfortunately, find in our neck of the woods – long fake nails, fake hair, fake eyelashes, tons of contoured makeup… it’s getting beyond ridiculous.

      I am a strong proponent of natural beauty – from ingredients in beauty products, to the final look.

      Puno pozdrava! <3

      PS: I promise, I promise, I promise I will reply to your emails soon *bats eyelashes – natural ones*

      • Yes,they are thin and ‘boney’ :) It’s just the way it is :) But ,the one thing I never weared is blush! Haven’t bought a single one in my entire life .
        What’s your opinion on fermented cosmetics (Whamisa,etc.)? Could you do some revew on that ?

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