Nov 262015

Hello greenies! Already in a festive Holiday mood? If not, then this will, most certainly, put you into one! Last year I hosted the first Holiday Giveaways edition, worth €170. From last year, Nature of Europe has grown so much! With visitors from nearly 100 countries all over the world, green businesses know this is a place to be if you want to be noticed and being one of the generous and gracious sponsors is but one way to stand out!

But none of this would be possible had it not been for you, my dear readers, who are supporting my green beauty blog! So this giveaway is my thank you – to you!

Knowing how big this year’s Holiday Giveaway would be, I was barely able to contain myself before going live and announcing it!

So, are you ready?!

Holiday Giveaways 2015

This year’s Holiday Giveaways edition has 8 amazing sponsors, which will make 11 winners merry and festive. The total amount of all the goodies waiting for you to win them is:


Yes, you can win €480 worth of goodies! There will be 8 separate giveaways, each of the 8  giveaways dedicated to one of our generous sponsors. Every day (Mon-Fri), one giveaway will go live and it will last for 2 weeks! I’ve mentioned, here and there, about the new rules for the giveaways, and you can read about them here. The giveaways are meant to highlight the sponsors and as a thank you for all the loyal readers, who are actually interested in what this blog of mine is all about – green beauty. 

Read our Giveaway Guideline and Rules.  

Nuciya Holiday Giveaway. Live from 26.11.2015 – 10.12.2015    

Nuciya Holiday Giveaway


Love Lula Holiday Giveaway. Live from 27.11.2015 – 11.12.2015


Love Lula Holiday Giveaway   

Lucy Rose Holiday Giveaway. Live from 30.11.2015 – 14.12.2015

    Lucy Rose Holiday Giveaway


Onlynaturals Holiday Giveaway. Live from 1.12.2015 – 15.12.2015


Onlynaturals Holiday Giveaway   

Corpo Natura Holiday Giveaway. Live from 2.12.2015 – 16.12.2015    

Corpo Natura Holiday Giveaway


Akamuti Holiday Giveaway. Live from 3.12.2015 – 17.12.2015


Akamuti Holiday Giveaway   

Vedani Botanicals Holiday Giveaway. Live from 4.12.2015 – 18.12.2015    

Vedani Botanicals Holiday Giveaway


Inner-Soul Organics Holiday Giveaway. Live from 7.12.2015 – 21.12.2015


Inner-Soul Organics Holiday Giveaway   


* * *

We wish all the participants good luck! With many thanks to our generous sponsors:  

Our Sponsors

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  1. Wow, some fab giveaways here N of E!

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