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Ever since I started using natural beauty products, I’ve been using less and less makeup. With my skin healing up from constant acne and all sorts of allergies, there was no need to hide behind makeup any more. Don’t get me wrong – I still love makeup, but for the past 6 or 7 years, I’ve been more and more into a natural look, with minimal makeup, especially during the day. I was never into heavy stage makeup to begin with (think heavy foundation and pressed powder, 12 different eye shadows and heavy eyeliner, a thick layer of blush, fake eye lashes – you know what I mean).

I’ve been having a more natural looking mascara on my wish list for quite some time. I have black hair, so a black mascara never gave me an artificial look, but I wanted something less pronounced – a mascara that’s more on the brownish side, for a more subdued  and less popping-out look; especially for during the day.

Green People Volumising Mascara in brown-black thus came at the right time.

Green People Volumising Mascara Review Green People mascara, certified by EcoCert, is one of the best (natural, of course) mascaras I’ve ever tried. Green People mascara comes in a typical mascara tube. The wand is pretty impressive it itself; bristles are plentiful and thin and they will coat most of the eyelashes with one layer. Of course, I suggest using an eyelash curler before applying the mascara. The right amount of mascara stays on the wand and the application is so easy! The wand just slides over eyelashes, separating them and you can immediately see the results! The volumising effect promise? There is some volumising with one layer but with two layers, the volume is more pronounced but still has a very natural look;. But more than volumising it lengthens the lashes. I think that the drying time is also perfect – upon applying the mascara, it is not too wet (aside from an inconvenience of waiting for the mascara to dry, if the mascara is too wet, it irritates my eyes) and not dry too quickly to apply the second layer. Even while applying the second layer, the mascara glides on eyelashes, separating them. The Green People Volumising Mascara does not clump, there’s no excess of mascara left – no flaking at all.

The mascara feels light on the eyelashes. You know that heavy feeling on eyelashes? There’s none of that with Green People mascara – you don’t even feel you have it on, and even after hours of wearing it, it does not clump. The staying power? Pretty good as well; it lasts for about 6 hours, after that, the color loses a bit of its power. Smudging? Basically none, even after 8 hours. For those with oily skin I would suggest using pressed powder on the eye lids and under eyes (Green People Pressed Powder is a good choice). What’s also really interesting about this mascara is the fact that it doesn’t smudge after getting teary eyed; now I didn’t have an all out bawling episode, but even with sensitive eyes and the wind, the mascara stays on.

Green People Volumising Mascara Review

Speaking of sensitive eyes – this mascara does not irritate my eyes at all, which is surprising given it contains one irritating ingredient. Quite honestly, I can’t recall a mascara that didn’t irritate my eyes a bit – even the natural ones, but Green People Mascara feels light and comfortable on my eyes. Mascara also proved to be easily removed: I’ve tried my mixture of carrier oils I use as a makeup remover, as well as Green People Gentle Cleanser & Make-up Remover (review soon!) – the mascara slides off easily, with no rubbing needed.

How about the ingredients?

Bees wax and carnauba wax are emulsifiers and thickening agents. Glycerin is a humectant and lubricant. Sunflower oil, an emollient, is rich in fatty acids and and has moisturizing properties. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant. Cellulose micro spheres provide volume, while iron oxides provide for a natural pigment of the mascara.

Potential problem with the ingredients?

  • Sodium hydroxide (EWG score 3) can be a potential irritant for skin and eyes; those who know that this ingredient irritates their skin should not use this mascara.
  • Benzyl alcohol (EWG score 5) can be naturally occurring in essential oils or synthetic. Given that all other ingredients listed in mascara are listed as naturally derived but benzyl alcohol is not listed as naturalky derived, it’s safe to assume benzyl alcohol is a synthetic ingredient. Benzyl alcohol is is used as a solvent and preservative. EU regulation allows a maximum of 1% in cosmetic products. Benzyl alcohol can be a skin allergen and can cause skin and eye irritation. While I haven’t experienced any irritation so far, those who know that are allergic to benzyl alcohol should not use this mascara. For more information on benzyl alcohol read the European Commission Report.

My final word on Green People Volumising Mascara? Aside from benzyl alcohol, this mascara is one of the best natural mascaras I’ve tried. With great application, pigmentation and staying power it gives the eyelashes a natural, yet pronounced look. Would I  purchase it again? Yes – a black-brown one is a great mascara for during the day, and I would recommend it to those, who have blonde and brown hair for a really non-artificial look. This will surely stay as my go-to mascara for day wear. Given I am pleased with the brown-black one, I will be buying the Green People Volumising Mascara in black as well; for the night out  or when I feel like wearing a more pronounced color on my eyelashes.

Price? A bit less than 18€ for 7ml; reasonable and affordable. And if you buy Green People Volumising Mascara, you get a free Multi-Active Concealer Pencil, worth €17. Pretty good deal, isn’t it?

Have you tried Green People Volumising Mascara; did you like it? Do you use natural mascaras or synthetic ones?

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For more information on Green People, visit their dedicated page.

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Green People Volumising Mascara was provided to Nature of Europe by Green People as a PR sample for the purpose of an honest review.

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  1. I haven’t tried this mascara, did it last all day without smudging? I wear mascara occasionally, the one I have is Lavera Volume Organic Mascara. I like that it doesn’t give too much volume as I prefer a more subtle look but the only issue I have had is that it smudges by the end of the day. Maybe I should try your handy tip of powdering the eye lids and under eye area. Another brand I would like to try is NatOrigin which had won numerous awards.

    • Hey Yasmin! Yes, it lasts all day without smudging. I’m waiting for the summer to see how it wears during hotter days, though it should be used in 6 months after opening, so it’s still a long time before summer. With one layer, Green People Volumising Mascara will give you that subtle look. Given the source of pigmentation in Green People mascara are not synthetic colorants but iron oxides, the color loses a bit of a power after 6 or 7 hours, but you don’t get racoon eyes. If you have lighter hair, I’d definitely recommend the brown-black one, the one I’ve reviewed, as it really gives a more subtle look, especially for a day wear. Another tip – apply some pressed powder on the eyelashes as well before mascara, as this will dry the eyelashes and the mascara will stay longer. Lavera mascara has a less of staying power compared to Green People’s one. I haven’t tried NatOrigin one yet. If you try it, let me know how you like it. :)

  2. Another fantastic product review, mascara is one product I have struggled to find.

    • Thank you, Theresa! Glad you like my approach to reviewing the products. Yes, when it comes to natural beauty/makeup products, natural mascara is the one that most complain about lagging behind conventional one. Given the ingredients in natural mascara, it shouldn’t be expected from a natural mascara to be, say, waterproof. Most natural mascaras offer basic coloring of the lashes, and their staying power is, in general, not so strong. I think this Green People mascara would suit you, as long as you don’t expect from natural mascara what you’re used to receiving from a conventional ones. Let me know how you like it in case you decide to try it.:)

      • A very good point, I possibly do expect too much from some products. I think I forget that the staying power of conventional items is probably due to all the nasty chemicals added!

        • Yes, it does take some time to adapt to natural beauty products when switching from conventional ones. The nasty chemicals in conventional products are the reason for the way conventional products work. I am certain you’d be happy with this natural mascara. Thank you for your great comments! :)

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