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I’ve been a fan of mineral powders since I got my hands on Everyday Minerals some 8 or 9 years ago. They are great for oily skin and for those hot sweaty summer days when liquid or cream foundation feels too heavy. On the other hand, I’ve never been all that fond of color-based setting powders; I do use non-color translucent powders though.

From time to time, I wish that certain loose mineral powders came in a pressed form as well. Green People Pressed Powder does. It’s neatly packaged in a black cardboard with magnetic closure and a nice mirror – though I have to warn you – this mirror is a bit of a tricky one, as it beautifies, for the lack of a better word, your appearance.

Unfortunately, there’s no room for a puff – or better yet – a small brush for a quick fixing up when not at home, as I am not fond of powder puffs and much more prefer powder brushes such as kabuki.

I know it sounds appealing to quickly apply the pressed powder, but even with my oily skin, I use a light moisturizer or serum before applying Green People Pressed Powder, otherwise the skin does look a bit dry and the color is darker, with a hint of an orange undertone. When applied alone over moisturizer or serum, this pressed powder doubles as foundation as well. I lightly swirl a large kabuki brush over the pressed powder, tap off too much powder, and quickly, with a light hand, apply the powder; the pressed powder can easily be layered. The final look is silky and a bit of dewy one; the pressed powder does not enlarge the pores and it takes hours before it slightly sets in fine lines, but this can easily be corrected with your fingers. It nicely evens out the skin tone, though, as in most cases, when the color is based on minerals, this pressed powder, too becomes a bit darker over time due to oxygenation. It also does not dry out the skin and there’s no tight feeling on the skin. I haven’t experienced any dry patches with this pressed powder, however, good exfoliation is always a must – even when using only liquid foundations or tinted moisturizers. When used alone (with moisturizer, of course), the coverage is medium to strong medium: it will cover minimal redness and acne, though I’d suggest concealer for more coverage on problematic areas.

Green People Pressed Powder When used in combination with foundation, I use small eye kabuki and apply the Green People Pressed Powder only on areas which need more attention, such as more pronounced redness or acne. When using it with tinted moisturizer (and its derivatives, such as BB cream, CC cream and DD Cream) – it works great with Green People DD Cream (read my review)- I use large kabuki brush, and just go lightly over my face. For an absolute minimal and natural look, you can use moisturizer, a bit of a concealer over problematic areas and go over concealer with this pressed powder – this way, you will achieve great coverage.

I also use this pressed powder as eyeshadow base or instead eyeshadow by using eye kabuki.

Currently, there’s 25% discount on Everyday Minerals Eye Kabuki Brush and 30% discount on Long Handled Kabuki Brush.

Green People Pressed Powder also contains SPF15 and has EcoCert certification.

How about ingredients? Mica is a natural mineral, which gives the products it’s used in a sparkling appearance. Zea Mays is an absorbent, used instead of Talc (previously, Green People Pressed Powder contained Talc, which was problematic, especially given this is a powder). Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride is an emulsifier; it provides for a smooth and silky spreadability; it could be comedogenic. Zinc Oxide is a natural mineral, providing natural SPF. P-Anisic Acid, also known as Benzoic Acid, is a preservative, obtained from an essential oil compound called anethole. Cinnamic Acid has mild skin brightening properties.

Potentially problematic ingredients?

  • Octyldodecanol, emollient and emulsifier, which provides for a soft, silky feel on the skin. It can be a skin and eye irritant.
  • Glyceryl Caprylate, a thickening agent and preservative; could be problematic due to enhancing skin absorption of other ingredients, restricted use in cosmetics.
  • Zinc Stearate, thickening agent and emulsifier, possible toxin, respiratory problems after long-term exposure in higher quantities.

Green People Pressed Powder Review

* * *

My final word? Green People Pressed Powder is a worthy companion in my cosmetic bag. It’s a non-drying pressed powder, doubling as a foundation, which can be used alone, provided you apply moisturizer before, of course, or over tinted moisturizer and foundation. The coverage on its own is good, it gives a natural and slightly dewy finish. I haven’t experienced any irritation. I’d recommend it for all skin types – dry, oily, sensitive and acne prone.

The Green People Pressed Powder comes in 4 colors; I am using the Honey Light one, which is almost perfect for my skin, mainly during summer, however, I am thinking about getting the Porcelain color as well – for winter days as well as for mixing it a bit every now and again with Honey Light one. At the moment, Green People has a 50% discount on Porcelain Pressed Powder.

Price? From 22€ – 27€ for 10g, which, in my opinion, falls under not so affordable yet not really expensive either, but this pressed powder lasts and lasts. If you were to use it on a daily basis as a foundation, I’d say you could spread it for 6 months; if you were to use it only over BB cream or foundation – it could easily last over a year, however, its shelf life is only 12 months. Would I buy it again? Yes, I would. Given it’s pressed, it may be more handy for using it while not at home as compared to a loose mineral powder, even though the cardboard has no room for either a puff or a small brush. And with warmer days, I will be using it regularly for a quick foundation application, with serum, of course, and for a light feel it leaves on my skin.

* * *

Do you use pressed powders or do you prefer loose mineral ones? Have you tried Green People Pressed Powder – how did you like it?

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For more information on Green People, please visit their dedicated brand page.

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Green People Pressed Powder has been provided to Nature of Europe by Green People for the purpose of an honest review.

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