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With BB (beauty/blemish balm) creams and CC (color correction) creams, now we’ve arrived to – DD (daily defense) creams.

BB cream rage started in Asia (Japan and South Korea), and quickly swamped Western beauty industry. CC creams quickly followed and now we’re talking about – DD cream. Just as in other aspects in our lives, we want something that will work, and that will work fast. A moisturiser, which has an SPF, is anti-aging, is also a primer, coverages imperfections, but does not look like foundation… too much. And the color of it has to be perfect for our skin tone, too.

Well now.

Wasn’t that called a tinted moisturiser once upon a time?

On the average a ritual of applying makeup consists of using a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, SPF cream, primer, foundation, concealer, and pressed powder. Then blush. Oh, and eye shadow, mascara, and something for the eyebrows. Oh, and lipstick.

From BB creams, CC creams and DD creams, you expect them, in general, to be a moisturiser, a primer, anti-aging, SPF product, which also offer sufficient, but not too heavy or cakey coverage.

Most natural brands, which also have a makeup range (even though BB cream, CC cream and DD cream may not always fall under makeup, but under skincare; a bit confusing, I know), already offer at least BB creams if not also CC creams. DD creams are not yet as represented in natural beauty – Green People are one of the first, who offer just that – an EcoCert certified DD cream.

Green People Age Defy+ Tinted SPF 15 Moisturiser (DD Cream) is pretty new on the natural beauty market, launching just a few weeks ago. Naturally, I was quite curious and eager to try this natural DD cream, so today I’ll review Green People Age Defy+ Tinted SPF 15 Moisturiser.



Green People Age Defy+ Tinted SPF 15 Moisturiser comes in a 30ml plastic white bottle with a pump, protecting the product from oxygen and bacteria. The smell is very pleasant and gentle: a little bit powdery, there’s a whiff of shea butter. The texture of Green People DD Cream is quite thick, but the DD cream is easily applied and smoothly spread on the skin. You can spread it with fingers, using tapping motion, or with a foundation brush, especially if you layer the DD cream for stronger coverage. For those with drier skin, I’d recommend using a wet blending sponge. Green People DD Cream spreads evenly, does not streak, absorbs quickly and does not leave either oily or dry-looking cakey skin. The point of DD cream is to not need a moisturiser before applying DD cream, however, with Green People DD cream I’d suggest using a bit of a moisturiser before applying it, especially for those who have drier skin. Green People Vita Min Fix 24-hour Cream or Green People Age Defy+ 24 hours Brightening Moisturiser would be a good choice.

I’ve tried Green People DD Cream using it alone and with moisturiser, and in both cases, the DD cream performed pretty well. Given I have oily skin, it took about 5 hours or so before the skin appeared shinny. Green People Age Defy+ Tinted SPF 15 Moisturiser also has a SPF15; it’s not a big SPF, but it is acceptable.

Green People DD Cream feels pretty light on the skin; the skin feels soft. DD cream does not pronounce fine lines.

The coverage of Green People Age Defy+ Tinted SPF 15 Moisturiser is that of a medium, and can easily be layered for better coverage. The Green People DD Cream evens out the skin tone and leaves a bit of a dewy finish on cheekbones – that is if you have oily skin – while also being slightly matte, but not chalky. It covers mild redness, but won’t cover a more pronounced redness from acne or acne scars; for that, a concealer is a must. I would also suggest you apply it as evenly as possible, otherwise there will be visible patches of the DD cream; you can use it sparingly, but nonetheless – evenly.

I’ve tried using it as a foundation primer (I use Living Nature foundation), but it was a bit too much for my taste. While the foundation spreads quite easy over the Green People DD Cream, given its quite good coverage as it is, I found there was a bit too much foundation as the end result. I’ve also tried pressed powder (Green People Pressed Powder – review soon!) over DD cream, and they work pretty well together. I would suggest using a bit more pressed powder when DD cream application is lighter, and vise versa – less pressed powder and a bit more DD cream.

Green People Age Defy Tinted SPF15 Moisturiser Creme Light and Creme Medium Green People Age Defy+ Tinted SPF 15 Moisturiser comes in two colors: Creme light and Creme medium. I’m using creme light, and while it is a light color, for those who have really pale skin, even creme light will prove to be too dark. Creme light suits my skin pretty well, though I wouldn’t mind if it were just a tiny bit lighter, especially given the oxidation (the product turns a bit darker, sometimes having a bit of an orange tone) of the minerals giving the DD cream its color; but this has been the problem of all natural foundations, as well as BB creams, CC creams and now this DD cream I’ve tried.

Given how difficult it is to be lucky when choosing the right color of foundation or DD cream, before buying a full size Green People Age Defy+ Tinted SPF 15 Moisturiser, you can try sample sachets of both creme light and creme medium.

How about ingredients in Green People Age Defy+ Tinted SPF 15 Moisturiser?

Jojoba oil closely resembles the skin’s sebum and balances oil production, making it a great ingredient for all skin types, especially for oily skin. It’s rich in fatty acids, rejuvenates and softens the skin and lessens the appearance of fine lines. Almond oil moisturizes and softens the skin and works as an anti-irritant. Squalane promotes skin’s elasticity, reduces the appearance of fine lines and retains moisture. Sea Fennel promotes skin’s radiance and suppleness and reduces the appearance of skin’s pigmentation. Biden pilosa extract has a potent antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Linseed (Flax seed oil) is rich in fatty acids and potent antioxidant which softens and rejuvenates the skin. Gardenia Tiare is an expensive oil, usually used in perfume due to its fragrant properties. It has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, protects the skin and reduces skin’s sagging. Cottonseed oil is rich in Vitamin E, but has to be be organic, considering the production of cotton relies heavily on using pesticides. Coconut oil is moisturizing, promotes skin’s elasticity and reduces fine lines.

Not so good ingredients?

Sodium dehydroacetate: an antimicrobial ingredient used as preservative. It is classified as toxic or harmful (only for products for use around the mouth; products for use on the lips). Given the DD cream can easily come into contact with lips, this is a bit worrisome.

Magnesium Aluminum Silicate: thickening agent. water-absorbing agent, anti-caking agent; also known as kaolin clay. In makeup, it provides better coverage. Given my bad experience with antiperspirants containing aluminum, naturally, seeing this ingredient listed in Green People DD cream, sent all sorts of red flags. While Magnesium Aluminum Silicate has a low EWG score, it’s known that ingredients, containing aluminum compound are very toxic. While animal testing for cosmetic industry is banned in EU, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate was tested on animals in 2003.

* Edited to add: I was not surprised to receive a detailed explanation from Green People regarding my doubts on two above mentioned ingredients. It’s commendable that Green People are so devoted to transparency and willing to offer such extensive explanation. I am posting a full answer from Green People’s in house scientist bellow:

“Regarding the two ingredients I offer the following information.

Sodium dehydroacetate is an antimicrobial ingredient used as a preservative.  EWG in their Skin Deep database give this a hazard rating of 1 out of 10 – that’s about as safe and hazard free as anything gets.  This ingredient is used as a mould inhibitor in foods, and is also used in toothpastes.  The usage level in cosmetics is generally 0.25%.  At this level there is absolutely no question over its safety.  The reference to avoiding this substance around the mouth and lips refers to the pure, undiluted ingredient and is information taken from the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the ingredient.  This is information aimed at people handling it in the course of their work, i.e. workers in factories who may be handling this material in a concentrated form, and is irrelevant when dealing with the same material when it is used at very low levels in finished cosmetics.

Regarding Magnesium aluminium silicate, this is a natural clay better known as Kaolin.  It is also called China Clay and has been safely used for many purposes for centuries.  Yes, Kaolin contains aluminium, but the aluminium is bonded into the structure of the clay particles which means is it not free aluminium.  Since the clay particles are much too large to be absorbed through the skin, and since the aluminium is chemically and physically bonded into the molecular structure of the clay there is no way that the aluminium can be absorbed into the body.  It should not be confused with soluble forms of aluminium such as Aluminium chloride or Aluminium chlorohydrate which have very small molecular structures that do allow them to be absorbed through the skin.

Regarding the claim that Kaolin was animal tested on 2003 I have not been able to track down evidence of that trial.  What I can say is that in the past almost every ingredient used in cosmetics was subjected to animal testing – until fairly recently it was a statutory requirement for every new ingredient and finished cosmetic product made or sold in the USA to be animal tested for safety, and it is still a requirement that every cosmetic product imported for sale into mainland China is subjected to animal testing.  What we can say is that Green People do not buy ingredients from sources or suppliers who have animal tested their ingredients since July 1990, and have never conducted, commissioned or allowed any animal testing of any of our products.  Unfortunately, we have no control over the activities of other companies or countries, and if indeed Kaolin was animal tested in 2003 it was not by us or by our suppliers. Green People

* * *

My final opinion on Green People Age Defy+ Tinted SPF 15 Moisturiser? No doubt, it’s a great DD cream. It offers good coverage, has great spreadability, contains quite a few skin-benefitial ingredients. But those two not so good ingredients are somewhat holding the Green People DD Cream from being even better. There’s no question that Green People put a lot of thought into making this formulation. I did not have any averse reaction to this DD cream; my skin appears to have taken it quite well so far. Green People Age Defy+ Tinted SPF 15 Moisturiser is a beauty product that, I am sure, will find its place on many cosmetic shelves. Would I buy it again? Most probably, despite feeling a bit uneasy due to those two ingredients.

Green People Age Defy Tinted Moisturiser Discount Price? 42€, which I think is a bit pricey. About 10€ less, and it would be affordable. And speaking of affordable, you can get it for less! The readers of Nature of Europe can get a £5 (6€) discount when you purchase Green People Age Defy+ Tinted SPF 15 Moisturiser with an exclusive code NATURE. The discount code is valid until 31.3.2015.

And in case you’d like to get Green People Age Defy+ Tinted SPF 15 Moisturiser for FREE, we’ll have a giveaway in the upcoming days, where we will give away 3 (yes, three!) Green People Age Defy+ Tinted SPF 15 Moisturisers to our readers!

* * *

Have you tried Green People Age Defy+ Tinted SPF 15 Moisturiser? Did you like it? Do you use BB, CC and DD creams and if so, which is your favorite one?

* * *

For more information on Green People, visit their dedicated page.


Green People Age Defy+ Tinted SPF 15 Moisturiser has been provided to Nature of Europe by Green People as a PR sample for the purpose of an honest review.

Special thanks go to lovely Sue at Green People for a very professional and kind PR/customer service. It wouldn’t hurt if more brands and stores had their own Sue, given how certain brands and stores have an absolutely terrible, ignorant and no business having sense of how to treat customers and beauty bloggers – as if they exist for their own sake and not for serving customers and making sure their reputations are in tact. Again, Sue, thank you for a pleasant experience with Green People brand.

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  1. What a fabulous and thorough review! As I am fairly new to your site I though I would read this review before going for the giveaway. I now know that the coverage wont be enough for my red patches and scars and the colour will probably be too dark for my very light skin. Plus I am mega oily so it would be wasted on me. So I wont enter, give someone else an extra chance :-)

    Its only through reviews as detailed as yours that people who like to make good choices about products are able to do so (in my opinion) and I will be checking your site before making purchases in the future. You really do put some effort into your work!

  2. Dear Theresa!

    You really made my Friday morning, reading your kind comment :)

    Thank you for encouraging words re: my review and the approach I take when reviewing beauty products. I write such reviews as I, myself, would wish to have read in order to make an informed decision whether or not to buy a product. Too many reviews leave me without enough information, and not every product is perfect. If I don’t write a detailed and honest review, then what is the point of writing reviews? Those reviews, which only rave about the product, come across as dishonest, whether due to some type of payment or due to not wanting to piss off the brands. So, when a reader buys a product based on dishonest review, this shines a bad light on the blogger as well as the brand. Those brands, who value honest opinion, will not blacklist an honest blogger.

    Yes, I really do put a lot of work in my reviews (and everything else on my site), and I am really happy that you cherish such detailed reviews as well as that they are helpful to you when deciding which product to buy. I will be posting many more reviews – no doubt about this!

    It says a lot about you that based on the opinion this DD might not suit you, you won’t participate in the giveaway and give others the chance; too many participate in every giveaway for the sake of winning something – anything. But don’t worry, there will be more giveaways on Nature of Europe, and I am sure you will find products reviewed which would suit you. I’ll make sure to give as detailed and honest review of every product tested.

    May you have a great weekend, dear! :)

    • You are most welcome, so nice of you to respond to my comment. I do have a look at your site all the time now, to learn as well as read xx

      • Thank you, Theresa, for you kind words. You are most welcome to Nature of Europe; I’m sure you’ll find a thing or two for you :)

        • Did you know that there is now a third colour you can choose – Ivory? I have just ordered a sample to try…..will keep you posted!!

          • Yep, I know. It seems even better color than creme light; just might be a perfect shade for my skin, and when too light, easily mixed with the creme light. Isn’t it great you can try the samples first?
            Let me know how you like the new lighter shade :)

          • Hiya, tried it today over a green people moisuriser that came with the sample pack (24 hour one) and it looked fab! I am so excited that it looked good. I asked my friend at work how it looked colour wise and she said it was good, she also said I had a healthy glow over the last few weeks! I havent been wearing my usual foundation and she hadn’d noticed. Not sure whether to get the Green People moisturiser (as they sent me a 20% off code) or to wait for your new reveiw in the new year………

          • Yeah, the Green People DD Cream does give you this healthy and natural glow; I think it’s best for colder winter times. But a moisturizer should be applied before DD cream, otherwise the application is not as smooth and even. I mostly use Green People’s moisturizers under DD cream as well. Now the 100% Pure has this very non-oily finish, so I think it would be great for spring, early summer (for summer, I wear mineral foundation, whether loose or pressed), so if you’re happy with the Green People DD cream, I’d say go for it. The 100% Pure foundation review would go live somewhere in February, so maybe it’s too long to wait 😛 There are quite a few Green People products I’d recommend (and will repurchase): first of all – their mascara – excellent, and pressed foundation – these two will most certainly be repurchased. DD cream is a good product as well, and moisturizer; the 24hour one is more nourishing and better suited for colder days, while the regular one could be used in warmer days. For the summer, I found the Nourish serum to work very well. :)
            Love our little chats :)

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