Nov 242017

Hello greenies! It’s that time again – time for a mega discount post for this black Green Friday edition! This week has been pretty brutal as far as being all over the place and being at 5 different places all at once: busy as heck and equally tired. By the time this post goes live, I’m gonna be already giggling at heart-shaped fluffy tails of deer – escaping into the forest. I need some time off, desperately!

This week has been busy on this lil’ blog of mine; I posted the first impressions of Love Lula’s November Beauty Box as well as a whooper of a Green Beauty Holiday Gift Guide with over 100 recommendations – this year has been the fourth annual holiday gift guide on my blog already! You can easily use the gift guide with today’s discount post and use the opportunity of all the big deals within green beauty, but I would like to point out something: just because there’s a great deal, a big discount – don’t get swayed into buying things you don’t need, you may wish to have but would buy because of the discount. If you still have enough of a, say, facial oil, there’s no need to buy 3 new just because they are now available with a big discount. If you’ve had a few products on your wishlist for a long time now and would feel better had you not paid the full price – then go ahead. If you need to stock up on, say, shampoo – go ahead. Just make sure you do not get sucked in by what you need in your life and having 30 highlighters as your life goal. Life goals and what we truly need in our lives have nothing to do with money and whether we have as much products as bought and paid “influencers” on Instagram would want you to believe. At the same time, taking advantage of a a great deal is perfectly fine; such deals should be used for you to save some money and not for you to feel bad for your purchases the next day. Being green also means not falling for the consumerism. And you don’t have to be an American to be thankful and grateful, every day for the matter, for all the things no money can buy: hope, faith and love. But – for 10 highlighters?

But yeah, the offers below are caarayzee!

Green Friday 2017

* * *

Love Lula has:

Love Lula Black Friday Sale 15% off











– 15% off your order (code: FRIDAY). Valid till 2.12.2017


Love Lula Beauty Box Subscription 20% off











– 20% off on Beauty Box subscription!

Love Lula Christmas Shop








– Holiday gift ideas in Christmas shop
– New makeup from Dr Hauschka
– New items from RMS Beauty
– Newly launched own nail polish brand Glossworks
FREE Apple & Bears Mini Body Wash when you spend £10 on Apple & Bears (code: APPLE)
FREE Balm Balm Beauty Balm when you spend £20 on Balm Balm (code: BBALM)
FREE Oils of Heaven Tamanu Oil when you spend £20 on Oils of Heaven (code: TAMANU)
FREE Antipodes Grace Gentle Cleanser when you buy 2 Antipodes products (code: GRACE)
FREE Inika Mineral Bronzer when you spend £35 on Inika (code: BRONZER)
FREE Bellapierre lipstick when you spend £30 on Bellapierre (code: ENVY)
FREE Gielly Green Travel Size Shampoo when you spend £35 on Gielly Green (code: GIELLY)
– newly added Selection Boxes to pick your favorite Beauty Box
– big discounts in their sale section

* * *

Alyaka has:

Alyaka Black Friday












– 15% off on any purchase (code: FRIDAY15). Valid till 28.11.2017
– 20% off when you spend 250 (code: FRIDAY20). Valid till 28.11.2017
25% off when you spend 350 (code: FRIDAY25). Valid till 28.11.2017

Alyaka Christmas Shop











– gift ideas in their Christmas Shop
– big discounts in their sale section

* * *


FeelUnique has:

FeelUnique Black Friday








20% off when you spend £100 (code: 20SHINE). Valid till 30.11.2017
– 15% off when you spend £50 (code: SHINE15). Valid till 30.11.2017
– Holiday gifts in their Christmas Shop
– up to 30% off in their Autumn skin focus
– up to 60% off in their Summer Sale

* * *

Natuurlijke Cosmetica Winkel has:

– up to 25% off in their sale section

* * *

Aurelia has:

– 20% off orders under £100 (code: BLACK). Valid till 27.11.2017
25% off orders of £100+ (code: BLACK).Valid till 27.11.2017
– rich selection of Christmas gifts
– 10% off your first order (code: WELCOME10)

* * *

Onlynaturals has:

Onlynaturals Black Friday










15% off when you spend £20 (code: BLACK). Valid till 28.11.2017
– big discounts in their sale section
FREE gifts with purchase:
FREE Ihana Skincare cleansing cream when you spend £60 in store (code: IHANACLEANSE)
FREE Alucia organics double rosehip oil when you spend £50 in store (code: DOUBLE)
FREE A’Kin rose de mai day cream when you spend £25 on A’Kin (code: ROSEDEMAI)
FREE Balance Me hand cream when you spend £30 on Balance Me (code: BALANCEHAND)
FREE Green People Quinoa shampoo when you spend £30 on Green People (code: QUINOA)
FREE Inika Kabuki brush when you buy 2 Inika products, including Inika loose mineral foundation (code: KABUKI2)
FREE Living Nature Manuka honey gel when you spend £40 on Living Nature (code: MANUKA)
FREE Madara Time miracle sample set when you buy any Madara product (code: TIMEMIRACLE)
FREE Natural Being hand & body cream when you buy 2 Natural Being products (code: BEING)
FREE Nourish skin renew cleanser when you spend £20 on Nourish (code: RENEW)
FREE Odylique gentle shampoo when you spend 20 on Odylique (code: GENTLEHERB2)
FREE Oskia Renaissance mask when you buy 2 Oskia products (code: OSKIAMASK)
FREE Trilogy body oil when you buy any 2 Trilogy products (code: TRBODYOIL)
FREE Weleda Skin food (10ml) when you spend £25 on Weleda (code: SKINFOOD)

* * *


Integrity Botanicals has:

Integrity Botanicals Holiday Gift Box

















Holiday Gift Box “Let it Glow” Limited Edition worth $255 for $185!
FREE Hynt Beauty Travel Sized Lumiere Radiance Boosting Powder when you spend $60 or more on Hynt Beauty (code: LUMIERE)
FREE Rahua Travel Sized Salt Spray when you buy Rahua Finishing Treatment (code: SALTSPRAY)
FREE Babo Botanicals Lip Treatment when you buy 2 Babo Botanicals products (code: SPFLIP)
– discounts in their sale section

* * *

Pharmaca has:

30% off your order (code: FRIDAY). Valid 24.11.2017 only.
– 25% off Dr Haushcka
– 25% off Alba Botanica
– 20% off Acure Organics
– 20% off Aura Cacia
– 20% off Trilogy
– 20% off MyChelle
– 20% off on W3LL PEOPLE
– 20% off on MyChelle facial line
free gifts with purchase

* * *

The Detox Market has:

$10 off above $100 order
$30 off above $200 order and receive a free Ca+ R Serum Concentrate from Odacite ($55 value)
$80 off above $400 order & receive a free Ca + R Serum Concentrate and a Rose + Neroli Hydrating Mist ($94 value)
– Newly launched Beauty Box
FREE W3ELL PEOPLE Bio Booster Serum (worth $28,99) when you spend $45 on W3LL PEOPLE (code: BIOBOOSTER)
FREE Tammy Fender Travel Sized Antioxidant Creme (worth $45) with any $150 purchase (code: TAMMYCREME)

* in order for discount codes being properly applied, you have to click the offered links

* * *


Antonym has:

Antonym Black Friday












30% off your order (code: BLACKFRIDAY2017). Valid till 27.11.2017

* * *


Fig & Flower has:

Fig & Flower Black Friday













– 10% off when you spend up to $150 (code: grateful10). Valid till 27.11.2017
– 20% off when you spend over $150 (code: grateful20). Valid till 27.11.2017
25% off when you spend $300 (code: grateful25). Valid till 27.11.2017

* * *

Planet Organic has:

Planet Organic Black Friday












15% off your order (code: BLACKFRIDAY). Valid till 26.11.2017

* * *

The Choosy Chick has:

The Choosy Chick Black Friday










15% off your order (code: GOBBLE). Valid till 27.11.2017

* * *

Bella Cuore has:

Bella Cuore Black Friday











– 10% off when you spend $75 (code: BF10). Valid till 27.11.2017
– 15% off when you spend $150 (code: BF15). Valid till 27.11.2017
20% off when you spend $200 (code: BF20). Valid till 27.11.2017

* * *


* * *

HQ Hair has:

20% off your order (code: HQCYBER20). Valid till 28.11.2017

* * *

Mankind has:

20% off your order (code: MKCYBER20). Valid till 28.11.2017

* * *

Lookfantastic has:

20% off your order (code: LFCYBER20). Valid till 28.11.2017

* * *

Beauty Expert has:

20% off your order (code: BECYBER20). Valid till 28.11.2017

* * *

Au Naturele has:

Au Naturele Black Friday




25% off your order + FREE lipstick

* * *

Happy Weekend!




This post contains affiliate links. For more info, read our disclaimer.
In order for the discount codes to work, you have to click the provided links. Some terms apply for certain discounts.

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