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Occasionally, Nature of Europe hosts giveaways to gift, as a thank you, our loyal readers, without whom this blog would not exist. As we have some great advertisers, wanting to be a part of the biggest and most unique green beauty business directory in order to be found by potential customers, giveaways are just another great way for the sponsors to introduce themselves to new and potential customers of green beauty.

Too many participants in giveaways non-discriminatory participate in all sorts of giveaways – free socks, free coupon for €5 for just about anything. Such participants are more or less not welcome to participate in giveaways hosted by Nature of Europe, and I, as the creator, owner and editor of Nature of Europe make the non-negotiable rules when it comes to giveaways.

Decorum, graciousness, gratefulness and thankfulness are, unfortunately, too often a lost art for many people. If you have an opportunity to, firstly, participate in a giveaway, where you can win, for free, a green beauty product, which many would wish to have themselves, show some grace – to both, the hostess Nature of Europe as well as to our generous sponsors, who are willing to give you something for free. And that encompasses following our sponsors only for the time being when you have an opportunity to win something, as well as actually being gracious enough to actually thank the sponsors when you receive your free gift.

I highly suggest you read this giveaway guideline and rules for the giveaways hosted on Nature of Europe.

I. The Winning Subject of the Giveaway:

a) When there’s an allocated amount of money given for you to win, and you have to pick the products which you wish to receive should you win, make sure you actually list the products provided by the sponsor and not from some random store.

b) When there’s an allocated amount of money you can win in order to pick the products, the sponsor will not pay you this amount of money, nor will the sponsor pay you the difference should the products you’ve chosen not amount to the exact amount which you could have won otherwise. If you pick the products, whose total sum would be higher than the allocated for the giveaway, the sponsor has the right to send you only the products which would meet the allocated money for the giveaway.

c) Once you’ve left in the comments section which products you’d wish to receive should you win, you can change your picks while the giveaway competition is live, but not once the competition is closed.

d) When there’s a determined subject allocated for the giveaway, for example, an exact product, you still have to leave a comment for the purpose of drawing a winner – whether that means the actual number or for any other purpose determined by Nature of Europe.

II. Platforms on which Nature of Europe’s giveaways are ran on:

a) Nature of Europe runs giveaway competitions by way of either randomly picking a number of the participant which was allocated by the participant leaving a comment under the giveaway post, or by using Rafflecopter. Here’s a simple guide on how to use Rafflecopter:

– the entry where you have to follow Nature of Europe and the sponsors on Twitter: after you’ve followed, confirm it by providing your Twitter name
– the entry where you have to like Nature of Europe and the sponsors on Facebook: after you’ve liked, confirm it with providing your Facebook name
– the entry where you have to RT the status on Twitter: after you’ve RTed, confirm it with providing your Twitter name
– the entry where you have to follow Nature of Europe and the sponsors on Instagram: after you’ve followed, confirm it by providing your Instagram name
– the entry where you have to re-post the post on Instagram: after you’ve RPed, confirm it with providing your Instagram name
– any other entry applicable for the individual giveaway
– the entry where have to share the status on Facebook: confirm it with providing your Facebook name
– the entry where you have to leave a comment on Nature of Europe’s giveaway: confirm it by saying “yes”
– the entry where you have to sign-up for the newsletter of Nature of Europe and/or the sponsor: confirm it by saying “yes”
– the entry where you have to answer the question: confirm it by actually answering the question

b) If you confirmed all the mandatory entries, but did not actually fulfill all the conditions of the giveaway, you will be disqualified.

c) Whether Nature of Europe runs a giveaway via Rafflecopter or any other platform, and in case something goes wrong with it, I reserve the right to randomly pick a winner based on the numbers you will have been appointed by leaving the comment bellow the giveaway post, or by any other means I deem appropriate given the circumstances.

III. Commenting:

a) Due to spam, all the comments are moderated. Please, be patient – your comment will be posted. Do not run around, from Twitter to Facebook, asking why your comment hasn’t been posted yet (especially if you left it at 1 AM or during weekends), throwing a tantrum how this giveaway is not working and the like. We’ve had one such occasion a while ago, which left the participant disqualified. As I’ve mentioned – participating in giveaways hosted by Nature of Europe is not mandatory – you enter my giveaways based on your own free will, and when you do, do it so gracefully. Remember, neither Nature of Europe nor the sponsors owe you anything – you have a chance to win something for free, so act accordingly.

b) Do not bother the sponsors either on their social media or via email how your comment had not been posted; you will automatically be disqualified!

c) Each participant can leave only one comment; anyone leaving more than one (and yes, I can monitor who leaves more than one comment, even if under different name and/or email address) comment will be automatically disqualified.

IV. Following Nature of Europe and the giveaway sponsors on social media:

a) One of the conditions to participate in the giveaways hosted on Nature of Europe is to follow Nature of Europe and the sponsors of the giveaway on our social media platforms, for example Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. If you’re truly interested in green beauty and Nature of Europe, you’ll have no problems with this.

b) If you’ve followed Nature of Europe on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram before, solely for the purpose of participating in the giveaways, but then unfollowed when the giveaway was closed, you are not eligible to participate in giveaways hosted by Nature of Europe. Please, do not contact me how you followed Nature of Europe, but Facebook acted up and you unliked Nature of Europe and just in time for the new giveaway realized this. If you were genuinely interested in following what’s going on with Nature of Europe, you would have known. Likewise, if you’re participating in giveaways all over internet, and your ratio of followers:following on Twitter does not allow you to follow Nature of Europe any longer, but would like to follow Nature of Europe just in time for another giveaway – don’t bother.

c) The same rule applies for the sponsors of the giveaways – if they previously sponsored a giveaway on Nature of Europe and you followed them only for the sake of participating in the giveaway, then unfollowed them and now you want to follow them again, you will not be eligible to participate in the current giveaway.

d) Disclaimer regarding social media platforms and giveaways hosted on Nature of Europe:

The giveaways, hosted on Nature of Europe, are in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform mentioned in giveaways hosted by Nature of Europe. By entering, entrants of the giveaways on Nature of Europe agree to a complete release of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social platform mentioned in the giveaways.

V. Notifying the winner/s:

a) Nature of Europe sets the timeline as far as how long the giveaway will be open for participants. Once the giveaway is closed, Nature of Europe will notify the winners; usually by announcing the winner in the giveaway post and in addition via Twitter and/Facebook. Alternatively, should Nature of Europe choose to, the winner will be notified via email as well. In any case, the participants do not have the right to demand in which way they should be notified as the winners.

b) Nature of Europe also sets the date/time for when the participants have to provide Nature of Europe the needed details as mentioned in the giveaway in order to receive their free gift. If the winner does not come forward with the needed information by the date/time it was stated in the giveaway, Nature of Europe will select another winner.

c) In most cases, the winners have to send an email to natureofeurope@gmail with their email address, full address as well as the products they’ve chosen if the giveaway was set this way. Should they fail to do so, Nature of Europe will select another winner.

d) Nature of Europe does not share your personal information with anyone but the sponsor of the giveaway for the purpose of providing you with the prize you’d won.

e) It’s not mandatory, but a sign of a courtesy to notify Nature of Europe when the winners received their prize; likewise, we always love to hear how you’re liking the products you’ve won for free.

VI. Mandatory for participating in the giveaways hosted by Nature of Europe:

a) Be happy. Life is great! β™₯


These conditions are subject to change at anytime, without prior notification. If you have any questions, contact us at

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