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Flying Wild Lip Balm is a long lasting lip balm, which offers uplifting due to rosemary oil and soft and moisturized lips due to raw honey.

Flying Wild Lip Balm Review

Flying Wild Lip Balm is handmade by only a handful of natural ingredients. The texture of the lip balm is semi solid, yet very soft and non-sticky on the lips. The scent of the lip balm is, due to rosemary oil, very herbal, though it may be, for my taste, a bit too pronounced in this lip balm.One of the ingredients is also Grapeseed oil, which gives this lip balm its soft and moisturizing properties. Given the owner of the brand Flying Wild is a beekeeper, this lip balm contains two precious ingredients, made by bees: organic beeswax, which acts as an emulsifier and raw honey, known for its moisturizing and softening properties. The balm also contains Vitamin E – potent antioxidant and natural preservative.

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Flying Wild Lip Balm has a long staying power on the lips, but even more so, it lasts for a surprisingly long time. I apply lip balms basically every hour, and this lip balm lasted me for over 2 months.

How about the ingredients? As mentioned – Flying Wild Lip Balm contains only a few:

Ingredients: organic grapeseed oil, organic beeswax, raw honey, organic oil of rosemary, vitamin E.

There are no potentially harmful ingredients in this lip balm.

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My final thought?

Flying Wild Lip Balm Review

This is a good handmade lip balm, containing only natural ingredients, all beneficial to soft and moisturized, as well as nourished lips. The scent of the rosemary oil may be a bit too overpowering at times, however, that does not minimize the value of the lip balm.

The cost is €6, which falls somewhere in between, but given its natural ingredients, including precious bees’ work, and the fact it lasts for quite a while, I think the price is reasonable.

Would I buy it again? Well, if it were up for the product only, I’d say yes. However, due to complete silence from the brand, after sending them several emails and not receiving any response, I have to say such attitude is very off-putting. Given how long I’ve been using natural beauty products and given how long I’ve been corresponding with green beauty businesses – I expect and demand a certain level of business culture – even if the product is good, even if I receive a lot of requests from my readers to tell them more about certain brands’ products – it doesn’t matter if the people behind the brand act in a way which will not be tolerated by me, I will not recommend the brand.

The reasons why I was absent from my blog last year are known and should be respected and understood. I will not apologize for it; at the same time, I will not tolerate nor promote businesses which do not even bother to reply to an email. I hesitated whether I should even post this review in the first place.

The Flying Wild Lip Balm is a good product, everything else is not.


The Flying Wild Lip Balm has been provided to Nature of Europe by Flying Wild for the purpose of an honest review.

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