Cosmetic Ingredients/Glossary

How to use cosmetic ingredients list?

An easy to use glossary of terms and ever expanding list of cosmetic ingredients. For easier understanding of ingredients, the guide offers you an English name of an ingredient, followed by scientific/Latin name based on INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients). Then you will find an explanation on how and from what a certain cosmetic ingredient is obtained (expressed, extracted, derived etc), basic properties and effects it has on the skin, hair etc. We also included a link to EWG (Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Database), with a hazard/risk-score for said ingredient.

Here’s an example:

English name of an ingredient (Latin/INCI name)

~ How and from what said ingredient is obtained (expressed, extracted, derived…)
~ Basic properties of the said ingredient and effects it has on the skin, hair, etc.
~ EWG score: 0-2 = low hazard; 3-6 = moderate hazard; 7-10 = high hazard

For easier navigation and for your convenience, we’ve put cosmetic ingredients into 3 different alphabetical groups:

a – h
i – p
q – z

As it is very important to read ingredients list/label on products,Β  you can use this cosmetic ingredients and glossary guide when deciding which ingredients and which products based on ingredients they contain to use based on your preferences, skin types, skin conditions etc.

The cosmetic ingredients found in this guide are mostly those which have a low hazard EWG score and are therefore used in natural organic products. If you wish to learn more about toxic ingredients, with high hazard EWG score, please read our guide on Toxic Ingredients to Avoid. We also have a list of Comedogenic Ingredients.

Naturally, this list of cosmetic ingredients is far from completed, and will continue expanding, so make sure you check back often. If you have any questions regarding cosmetic ingredients, or if you don’t see a certain ingredient on the list, but think it should be, do not hesitate to contact us.

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  1. Great website! Lots of useful info on here for those of us who like to know what we are using on our skin!

    • Thank you, Theresa, for kind compliments! Most welcome to Nature of Europe. Even though a lot of work has been put into my green beauty blog, I feel I’ve just begun. Stick around, there’s much more coming! xoxo

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