Nov 182015

Zuii Organic Lipsticks, in 18 colors ranging from nudes, pinks and reds, are rich and creamy natural lipsticks, providing nourishment for your lips.     Zuii Organic is an Australian based natural beauty brand, concentrated on offering a wide selection of natural makeup – from foundation, lipsticks, eye shadows and mascaras. Ever since I started using natural beauty products and my skin therefore healing itself, I focused more on skin care products, as opposed to makeup products; but that does not mean I gave up on makeup, not even close! So when Bianca from Natuurlijke Cosmetica Winkel and I talked about reviewing some of the Zuii Organic products, I saw the pretty colors of Zuii Organic Lipsticks and thought I’d […]

Zuii Organic Lipstick Review

Zuii Organic


Zuii Organic is organic cosmetics and make up using only natural ingredients and never tested on animals. Location: Australia Products range: Make up (blush, eye shadow, powder foundation, lip tint, lipstick, liquid foundation, mascara, make up tools). ♦ Zuii Organic Lipstick Review Where to buy: Natuurlijke Cosmetica Winkel  Netherlands  {Shipping: International} Aussie Health Products  Australia  {Shipping: Australia, New Zealand} Flora and Fauna  Australia  {Shipping: International} Nourished Life  Australia  {Shipping: Australia}

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Zuii Organic