Apr 202017

Clay based Laidbare For Richer For Porer Facial Mask, targeting oily and combination skin, detoxifies and moisturizes, while also performing as a mild exfoliator, leaving the skin calm and smooth. Facial masks are a treat for the skin and while finding a moisturizing mask is quite easy, finding a good detox mask, especially one you don’t have have to mix yourself, can be a bit more tricky. I’ve been using various clays as my detox masks for about 15 years now; I make my own detox mask, using, mostly, green clay, mixing it with tea tree essential oil, tea tree and/or witch hazel hydrolate, along with white willow bark extract. But having a mask, which comes in a tube, is […]

Laidbare For Richer For Porer Facial Mask Review



Laidbare: Real value combined with natural ingredients to help restore skin to a healthy, clean and clear state. Location: UK Products range: Face care (mask, eye cream, face cream, serum, cleanser&toner), body care (hair minimizing cream, body butter, body wash, hand cream). ♦ Laidbare For Richer For Porer Facial Mask Review Where to buy: Bath and Unwind  UK {Shipping: Free International} Beauty Expert  UK  {Shipping: Free International} Content Beauty  UK {Shipping: Free International} Fragrance Direct  UK  {Shipping: Europe} HQ Hair  UK  {Shipping: Free International} Look Fantastic  UK  {Shipping: Free International} Love Lula  UK  {Shipping: Free International} Lucy Rose  UK  {Shipping: International} Mankind  UK  {Shipping: International} Only Naturals  UK  {Shipping: International}

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