Jul 222014

Our friend Julia from Sweden has sent us a following question: Great information, thank you!! What do you think about the antipodes skin products? I have quite acne prone, combination skin. Or do you think the juice beauty ones are better? I live in sweden and we dont have these products to try anywhere. Acne prone, combination skin requires quite a maneuvering with different types of skincare products: you have to be mindful of potential comedogenic ingredients so they don’t exacerbate an already acne-prone skin, while at the same time, skin can suffer from dry patches that you need to moisturize. So, which Antipodes and Juice Beauty products would be better or best for acne prone, combination skin? Let’s take […]

Readers Questions: Antipodes or Juice Beauty for Combination Skin



Antipodes are scientifically validated organic beauty products, skincare, mineral makeup and lipsticks. Location: New Zealand Products range: Face care (cleanser, exfoliator, mask, toner, serum, face oil, eye cream, skin balm, day cream, night cream, moisturizer, lip balm), body care (hand cream, hand&body wash, body oil, body cream, hand&body cream), make up (mineral foundation, lipstick, make up tools). Where to buy Beauty Expert  UK  {Shipping: Free International} Big Green Smile  UK  {Shipping: International} Content Beauty  UK  {Shipping: Free International} Ethical Superstore  UK  {Shipping: UK} FeelUnique  UK  {Shipping: International} HQ Hair  UK  {Shipping: Free International} Look Fantastic  UK  {Shipping: Free International} Love Lula  UK  {Shipping: Free International} Lucy Rose  UK  {Shipping: International} Mankind UK  {Shipping: International} ManOrganic  UK  {Shipping: Free International} Natural […]

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