Jun 132019

Another one from much requested skincare routines – this time around, I will share with you my evening skincare routine. Since there was very little Spring and we jumped from a cold, almost late Autumn weather into a hot and sunny Summer, it seems in a day, I had to quickly change and adapt both my morning and evening skincare routine, and, of course, my makeup routine – this one follows next week. With hot Summer times, the biggest change in my skincare routine is using less (but still some) oils and oil-based skincare products, switching them for light skincare products, mainly in a form of light serums and moisturisers. My already abundant use of hydrolates only intensifies. In general, […]

My Evening Skincare Routine #1
Jun 112019

Jane Scrivner Intense De-Stress Mask contains the ingredients to nourish, hydrate, calm and plump the skin for a radiant and smooth skin, such as argan, jojoba, rosehip oil, while also providing a detoxing session with kaolin clay, making it suitable for a morning and evening skincare routine.  I’ve been testing and using a few Jane Scrivner products in the past few months; one of them being the Intense De-Stress Mask. What peaked my interest with this mask is the ingredients, of course, which make for a mix of a hydrating mask suitable for oily and congested skin due to ingredients such as witch hazel and kaolin clay. Kaolin clay makes the texture a bit more “glued” together, and with one ingredient […]

Jane Scrivner Intense De-Stress Mask Review
Jun 052019

Long over due and many times over requested – my morning skincare routine! I will do my best to keep this a monthly series, as despite testing quite a few products, I keep my routine as steady as possible. I will also turn an evening routine into a monthly series, so you can follow what products I use – and why. My skincare depends on many factors: what my skin needs at the moment, weather and, sometimes, how much time I have, whether in the morning or in the evening. Just as with makeup, I prefer a skincare routine that’s more on a minimalist side, avoiding burdening my skin with too many products; not only many products layered on the […]

My Morning Skincare Routine #1
Jun 042019

Alteya Organics Lip Balms are affordable lip balms, created with high quality and lips-beneficial ingredients; they nourish and hydrate the lips, while smelling fabulous – all based on natural fragrance from essential oils and extracts.  Over a year ago, I posted my first review of Alteya Organics products, which included a review of their Rose Lip Balm. Given how much I liked it and lip balms being such an important green beauty product for me, it was natural I got additional lip balms from Alteya Organics when they became available at Love Lula. Aside from Rose lip balm, I wanted to try their Vanilla&Geranium lip balm and Lavender lip balm. All these lip balms are made of high quality and lips-beneficial […]

Alteya Organics Lip Balms Review
May 282019

L’Odaïtès Replenishing Serum, containing prickly pear seed oil, delivers soft skin, while Gentle Exfoliator, with fine dates fruit powder gently exfoliates, resulting in smooth skin.  I was first introduced to this French brand L’Odaïtès via receiving their exfoliator in my Love Lula Beauty Box, and I’ve been using it for quite some time now, making it a welcomed addition between my chemical exfoliators and a bit harsher, for the lack of a better word, mainly sugar-based exfoliators. The oil-based serum, with precious pricky pear seed oil, works nicely as a night treatment, but mostly, I’ve been using it as an added mixture to liquid foundations ans BB creams. L’Odaïtès Replenishing Serum L’Odaïtès Replenishing Serum comes in a 15ml bottle with a […]

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L'Odaïtès Replenishing Serum and Gentle Exfoliator Review