Dec 192019

When Best of Green Beauty 2019 gets posted, you know the year is nearly over – and how fast it has gone by. Usually, Best of post would be the last one from me before I start my Holidays; I have another installation of Random Thoughts ready for you tomorrow – but for today, I will walk you through the many reviews of green beauty products I’ve posted this year: in total, I’ve reviewed 30 products (not counting my first impressions from my Love Lula Beauty Boxes, despite those first impressions being, still, detailed and thorough). There have been quite a lot of posts of my routines (morning, evening and makeup), the discounts posts, guides… In short, I’ve posted 59 posts this […]

Best of Green Beauty 2019
Dec 182019

A few days ago, we had a splash of first snow – even if just for a few days – Winter has knocked on the door. And so did my Love Lula Beauty Box, whose theme is Wintery in its rich nourishing goodies, along with newly launched incredibly smelling perfume oil: there’s a rich deep cleansing balm, rich body butter, chocolate face mask, and, as mentioned, a perfume oil. The total value of this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box is £47 (though, given how much I like these goodies, it feels a lot more) – whereas the actual cost is a barely-worth-mentioning fraction of it. So, what’s in this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box? ♥ Walden Natural Perfume “Live the […]

Love Lula Beauty Box December 2019
Dec 172019

Esse Light Body Moisturiser and Body Oil, with their unique textures, are decadent and luxurious treats for the ultimate nourishing body care. All the products I’ve had a chance to try so far (and with many more on my wishlist) from this luxurious green beauty brand – Esse Probiotic Skincare – have left a great impression on me. Yes, Esse’s prices are quite steep, no way around this fact, but their formulations, ingredients and effect on the skin, along with mesmerizing scents, put this brand in a league quite of their own. I’ve been using the Esse Light Body Moisturiser and Esse Body Oil for months now, and both boast of uniqueness in many areas of organic body care, and both […]

Esse Light Body Moisturiser and Body Oil Review
Dec 162019

It’s getting colder and colder and my skin’s been yearning for oilier, heavier textures. As I layer quite a few richer textures before applying a foundation, I’ve been opting for a foundation that’s also thicker in texture but also offers more coverage with a minimal amount of a product used. The colors are a mixture of berry and golden ones. I do not use all the products mentioned in this post at once and, as always, I aim for as minimal natural look as possible. The links for these products are listed at the end of this post.   My Makeup Routine: Foundation My current morning skincare routine is all about layering richer textures, starting with a serum, followed by a […]

My Makeup Routine #5
Nov 252019

November has been quite lousy weather-wise: chilly, rainy and moody. What better way to break this moodiness than receiving a monthly surprise package (well, surprise – even though I do sneak and peak around to see what Love Lula included in a current Beauty Box – it’s still has a scent of surprise when it arrives) themed very November-appropriately – nourishing and oily: there are 4 full-sized products and two samples. A total value of this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box is £48, while the actual cost with a yearly subscription is a fraction of it. So, what’s in this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box? ♥ Madara Hemp Hemp Lip Conditioning Balm (15ml/£10,00). I like receiving Madara products in my […]

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Love Lula Beauty Box November 2019