Jul 312019

What I’ve been up to? The beautiful, sunny and very hot weather – it was time to take a few weeks off. To see places, to do stuff and – to do nothing. Feeling and maybe even being busy is not the same as being productive, and when you’re tired and had already accomplished much of what you’ve set out to do, it’s easy to take the time off. And everyone needs to unplug, to drift away, relax. This past few weeks, I’ve been doing quite a lot of reading and painting, and embarking on some other creative endeavors. It’s good for the mind and it’s good for the soul. Writing, another technique of introspection, is also important for me, […]

Random Thoughts #2
May 312019

For a while now, I’ve been contemplating about creating a new series of posts, where I could gather all the thoughts, rants, ponderings, as well as touch upon the various news from green beauty world, wishlists. Given how long it’s been since I’ve posted readers questions and given how many you’ve sent my way, I thought I’d include those as well. Just a general idea of where I’m planning on going with this new series, which will be posted once a month, at the end of the month, to compile what’s been happening during the month. What I’ve been up to? May is the hardest month for me; it has been for the past 3 years. Every now and again […]

Random Thoughts #1
Oct 072015

Hello greenies! You’ve been keeping me busy with your questions, so I thought it would be a good time to do another edition from the Readers Questions series. I’ve collected a few questions, varying from my first natural beauty brands, hauls – or not, carrier oils going rancid, frequency of posting, and a few suggestions for a reader who has sensitive skin. I enjoy reading your emails, Facebook messages etc. – about anything, actually, so don’t be shy and drop me a note * * * The first question comes from Spain: “Which were first natural brands you used when you started using natural cosmetics?” Even though it’s been many moons since I switched to green beauty, I still use […]

Readers Questions: On My First Natural Beauty Brands, Hauls and Rancid Carrier Oils
Sep 142015

Overwhelming information, especially when it comes to ingredients, to dishonest business practice can lead to consumers being confused what natural really means and trusting the green beauty industry.      Hardly a week goes by that I don’t get an email from my readers, asking me numerous variations of the same question: what does natural really mean? And despite my very popular Intro Guide articles, which also, extensively, touch on the the subject what natural really is, and what is the difference between, say, natural and organic, this question keeps coming up. In my, well over a decade, long journey with natural cosmetics, I have a pretty clear definition of what natural really means when it comes to cosmetics. At […]

Green Beauty: What Does Natural Really Mean?
Apr 072015

Hello greenies! How was your Easter weekend? Hope it was full of love, friends, family and nature! I took a few days off; sometimes, you just gotta unplug a bit to reconnect elsewhere. Your emails with questions keep on coming, and I appreciate them all. Today, I’ll answer a few of the questions that keep popping into my inbox from various readers. * * * First, a question from Latvia about my makeup: “I read that you like makeup that is looking natural. What kind of makeup do you use and what products.” True, I like the natural look, especially during the day. I guess when in late teens and early 20s, most women like to experiment, and some even […]

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Readers Questions: On My Makeup, Fitness and Few Other Things