Jul 182017

Nudus lipsticks are luxurious, handcrafted, all natural with 27 active botanical ingredients, long lasting, hydrating and softening and whose high pigmented beautiful colors are derived from bioactive color extracts. I think the headline for these beauties called Nudus lipsticks should suffice, but they do, indeed, deserve a detailed review – and this review was planned to go live nearly two years ago – yes, it’s taken so long to finally feature these amazing beauties from Australia. I’ve got them back in 2015 to test and review them for you, my lovely readers, and as you know, in that time and after it, many things have happened in my life, and I am slowly trying to somehow get back on track. […]

Nudus Lipstick Review



        Nudus are luxurious, all natural and highly pigmented lipsticks. Location: Australia Product range: Makeup (lipsticks) ♦ Nudus Lipstick Review Where to buy: The Choosy Chick  USA {Shipping: International} Beautiful Because  Australia  {Shipping: International} Boundless Organic  Australia  {Shipping: International} I am Natural Store  Australia  {Shipping: International} Boundless Organic  China  {Shipping: International}

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