Feb 142018

  As you know, I’m a big fan of La Mav products – not too long ago, I reviewed their, what is, in my opinion, the best natural BB cream. A few days ago, I reviewed another great La Mav product, one of their Nectars. So Vivian from Boundless Organic and I decided to give 3 (yes, three!) of my readers a Valentine’s gift: a La Mav Concealer! You can choose from two colors of this La Mav Concealer: – La Mav Light Concealer – La Mav Medium Concealer * * * What you have to do in order to participate in this giveaway: – follow Boundless Organic on Instagram – follow Nature of Europe on Instragram – like  this […]

Valentine's Giveaway: La Mav Concealer
Feb 062018

La Mav Nightly Repair Nectar is a heavily rich skin nutrient, providing a cool hydration effect due to cucumber and a healthy glow to a moisture-thirsty skin. At this point in time I am wondering if La Mav could go wrong with any of their products; a while ago I reviewed the best natural BB cream – and it’s La Mav’s and today I’m gonna review their Intense Moisture Nightly Repair Nectar. Such a name suggests quite a promise, doesn’t it. And – does it keep its promise: to provide intense moisture and repair the skin? If you ask me, after using this nectar for nearly a year – I can assure you – it does! The La Mav Nightly […]

La Mav Nightly Repair Nectar Review
Oct 052017

La Mav BB Cream, while very affordable, is one of the best natural tinted moisturizers, offering strong medium coverage and a flawless radiant finish. La Mav Bio Active Primer moisturizes the skin and prepares the skin for a natural looking finish when using BB cream or foundation. This might fall under the sweet issues of a green beauty blogger – when you find a product so excellent you wish to exclusively use it, but have to sneak around and try other products from the same category as well – this is the case with me and the first Australian organic certified La Mav BB Cream – it’s hands down – amazing. It was many years ago when I got my […]

La Mav BB Cream and La Mav Bio-Active Primer Review

La Mav


          La Mav is world’s first certified organic skincare brand with proven Bio-Actives. Location: Australia Product range: skincare (moisturizer, cleanser, facial oil, masks), makeup (makeup primer, BB cream, mineral foundation, eye shadow). ♦ La Mav BB Cream and La Mav Bio-Active Primer Review ♦ La Mav Nightly Repair Nectar Review Where to buy: Adore Beauty  Australia  {Shipping: International} Beautiful Because Australia  {Shipping: International} Boundless Organic  Australia  {Shipping: International} Flora and Fauna  Australia  {Shipping: International} Nourished Life  Australia  {Shipping: Australia} Boundless Organic  China  {Shipping: International}

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La Mav