Jan 302014
How to Green up Your Beauty?

OK, so now you’ve learned about the harmful effects of synthetic cosmetics, and you wish to switch to natural, organic cosmetics. And the € signs start flying around your head, thinking just how can you afford to completely change your skin care, hair care, body hair and make up from conventional synthetic products to natural organic ones. It would be a challenge for a wallet at any time, it is even more challenging in these trying, difficult times. Don’t panic! Take it one step at the time. You don’t have to run to the nearest eco store, and buy everything right away. I found myself in the same predicament years ago, when I learned about the synthetic vs organic skin […]

Jan 272014
Organic Certificates

The easiest and surest approach to buying natural organic cosmetics is to follow a simple rule of thumb: buy those products which are certified. While learning all the ins and outs, especially all the ingredients (here’s the list of the main, but nowhere near all the toxic ingredients to avoid) in cosmetic products can be a lengthy process, learning about organic certificates is much easier. It’s true that obtaining an organic certificate is still, unfortunately, expensive, especially for smaller brands (and mostly, in natural organic cosmetic industry, the companies behind our favorite brands are small, as opposed to huge conglomerates behind widely known – especially due to large amounts of money they spend on advertising – conventional brands), so there […]

Jan 232014

Cosmetic products can and do promise a lot of things. Get rid of acne in three days. Look younger in one week. No more wrinkles after a month. Great moisturizer. It catches your attention, doesn’t it? Instead of buying cosmetic products based on what they claim to be and do, the most important thing you should do before buying the product, is to read the ingredients in the product. It doesn’t matter if the product claims to help you get rid of acne in three days, if it contains ingredients which will only clog your pores even more. It doesn’t matter if the product claims to be natural, eco, bio and what not, if it contains a few natural ingredients […]

Jan 202014

More and more people are turning to natural organic cosmetics due to safety and healthy reasons, both for people and environment. Sells of natural organic cosmetics are steadily growing, so it comes as no surprise that many would like a piece of this cake. However, ingredients in natural organic cosmetics are far more expensive than toxic synthetic ingredients in conventional cosmetic products. This is where things may turn ugly – especially for us, consumers of natural organic cosmetics, as well as those, who make genuine natural organic cosmetics. Why? Greenwashing. Greenwashing is a form of spin in which green PR or green marketing is deceptively used to promote the perception that a company’s policies or products are environmentally friendly. On […]

Jan 152014
Why Use Natural Organic Cosmetics?

In times we live in, more and more people are switching to what is known as organic food. Our grandparents and great-grandparents called it just – food. With all the synthetics, chemicals, artificial products in our lives, mimicking nature and lowering costs, we’ve come so far we need a term to specify food as organic: made with and by nature and with no unhealthy additives. As it once used to be. We just had to go through decades of fast, cheap, shinny looking food to realize we’ve been poisoning ourselves and our environment, which in turn, coming full circle, is poisoning us. The same story can be applied to cosmetics. It took us some time before we realized that cosmetic […]

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