May 112015

When asked which were one of the first natural organic brands I started using when switching to natural organic cosmetics, Akamuti is one of the brands I offer. Akamuti and I go way back. When I started learning about the ingredients and therefore all the amazing skin-beneficial properties of carrier oils, essential oils, hydrolates and butters, Akamuti was one of brands which solidified a notion I am on the right path. It wasn’t just using oils as skincare, but also beauty products, made solely by various carrier oils, butters and essential oils, which Akamuti played a role in my new beauty routine, but also the fact that not many, if any, other ingredients are needed in order to create a […]

Interview with Lindsey Hedges, Founder of Akamuti
Jan 122015

Nearly a year ago Tiffany and I connected first on Twitter, and what followed was a steady correspondence about all things aromatherapy, herbalism and just chats about every day stuff. We talked a lot about her books, The Art of Herbalism and The Craft of Herbalism, which, at that time, were the first editions, and I reviewed The Art of Herbalism, an excellent guide on medicinal herbs, formulas and procedures. I also received The Craft of Herbalism, but waited with a review until expanded edition was published as during summer, Tiffany was busy writing expanded editions of both The Art of Herbalism and The Craft of Herbalism; for the later I wrote a review a while ago. Readers of Nature […]

Interview with Tiffany M. Psichopaidas, Author of The Art of Herbalism and The Craft of Herbalism
Aug 132014

Therapi Honey Skincare is an up and coming new organic cosmetic brand that’s been creating a lot of (bee) buzz in the past few months among green beauty bloggers and natural organic cosmetics connoisseurs. Already available at Love Lula, Therapi Honey Skincare established itself, in a relatively short time, as a luxurious and quality natural organic cosmetic brand, that is surely destined to take a permanent place among natural organic cosmetics clientele. Therapi Honey Skincare is a Soil Association certified organic cosmetic brand, available in three lines: balancing Orange Blossom line for normal skin, nourishing Rose Otto line for dry skin and purifying Lemon Myrtle line for combination/oily skin. As the name suggests, the main cosmetic ingredient in Therapi Honey […]

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Therapi Honey Skincare Presentation + Interview with Therapi Honey Skincare Founder