Jun 152018

Hello greenies! Phew it’s been a long and busy but productive week! As it’s quite late, I’ll just quickly point out the most important happenings in this. In case you’ve missed – and in case you need a quick hydration boost – I reviewed Madara SOS Hydra Mask this week. In the world of green beauty, there’s so many great deals, I don’t even know where to start. Love Lula has 4 different Beauty Boxes up for grabs for free, along with many more free gifts. The Detox Market has a free Summer Bundle worth $250 and there’s an exclusive Terre Verdi 15% discount – all that and much more for you to check below! → Love Lula has:   […]

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #122
Jun 082018

Hello greenies! Did I actually manage to drag my behind to the weekend, finally?! June’s been kicking me all over with its never ending projects; I wonder when that feeling of good tiredness upon completing the goals and plans turns into just plain tiredness? Am I complaining? Just a lil’ bit, but mostly, I am just grateful – for being able to to what I like doing, for having the fortitude to do it and – for this beautiful very hot – Summer already basically. By yesterday, I felt a bit too overworked, so I just said to myself to drop everything and hop to my country house. Hopefully, a more substantial meeting with nature is available this weekend! Well, […]

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #121
Jun 012018

Hello greenies! Enjoying this beautiful Spring? We’ve been having such a warm and sunny weather, it actually feels like Summer already. What a perfect opportunity to soak in the Sun, under the trees, isn’t it? It’s been quite a hectic week for me, thus no review, but somehow I managed to take a few moments for myself, with a journal, lying on the grass, under the most beautiful spruce tree. Between all the projects I’ve been working on, I kept telling myself I need to take some time off for myself, as I’m not doing myself any favors by just trucking on. It can be quite difficult, as we’re constantly feeling like we’re lagging behind all the work we plan […]

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #120
May 252018

Hello greenies! How has your week been? I feel like I’m dealing with a late blooming Spring tiredness, or it may be I just put on myself too heavy of a workload? And when I take a look at my June planner entries, and all the projects waiting to be tackled… phew! But still, I’m thankful for all the opportunities and a chance to do what I enjoy. As I was working in my garden and around the country house, seeing all the fruit trees already heavy with goodies, I couldn’t help but smile, especially since last year, there were no fruits due to bad weather. The squirrels and cows and goats and many other beautiful animals will have a […]

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #119
May 182018

Hello greenies! After nearly a month of gorgeous sunny and warm Spring, it was a bit colder and rainy these past few days, but nonetheless – nature is still beautiful and in between showers, I managed to squeeze in a few walks in the forest and working in my garden. I had to escape into the beautiful nature, with the anniversary being this week. Being contemplative, but above all – thankful. The pain is still there, the mourning process still going on, but so am I – going on, and continue looking for, searching for all that is good, noble, positive. I still haven’t been able to grasp the whole reality, nor the passing of the time – sometimes it […]

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Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #118