Sep 082017

Hello greenies! Super busy week behind me, so I had to take Wednesday off, to go and recharge my batteries in the forest, while also playing hide and seek with a squirrel (trying my best not to get my heart melted by that cutie). And if I was wandering around the forest in shorts and flip flops on Wednesday, I slept with a blanket last night! How did this happen? I’m actually wearing socks and long sleeves as we speak. Sure, there was plenty of Sun this Summer, but just a few days without and it already shows on the mood, doesn’t it? As mentioned, this week has been insanely busy, but nonetheless, I’ve got a truckload of reviews waiting […]

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #88
Sep 012017

Hello greenies! As I walked through the forest this week, I’ve noticed the leaves are changing colors already… The mornings are getting a chilly. Summer is biding us adieu, isn’t it? Even though the heat was, at times, unbearable, it still went by so fast. I’ve been reading some articles on the onslaught of fake influencers (geez, don’t you just roll your eyes at this word; I know I do) and how brands are non the wiser – a brand sees big numbers of “followers” and thinks how they’ll cheaply get a word out about their products – you know, because there are so many followers this “influencer” has. I’d think that by now, any respectable business would be hip […]

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #87
Aug 252017

Hello greenies! How’s everyone been? The Summer is slowly moving its way to Autumn, isn’t it? Nights are getting a bit chilly, even if days are still quite warm. Heh, just a few ago it was so hot it was nearly unbearable. I’ve managed to escape to the forest a few times, yet it’s still not enough. I plan on giving myself a lot more time in the forest, surrounded by beautiful nature; my soul surely needs it. My blog has not been as updated during the Summer as I wished it would have been. I’ve got so many reviews waiting in line for you; I think and hope I’ll be able to post quite a few of them this […]

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #86
Aug 112017

Hello greenies! Have you been spitting dust these past weeks? Phew, as much as I enjoy Summer, these past few weeks have been unbearable. 40 degrees! Lifting a finger seemed like a chore. Makeup and skincare reflected the weather – it was as light, hydrating and minimal as possible. Seeing women with a mask on their faces while there’s 40 degrees is rather…. kinda pathetic, wouldn’t you agree? Sure, you hear how it’s “only” makeup, but makeup is suppose to work for you, not against you. Right? Many things reflect the personality and given this insane craze of beauty “gurus” and their tons of makeup… Eck. I don’t think I’m that off the bat if I ponder along the lines […]

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #85
Jul 282017

Hello greenies! Oh boy, it’s been a while since I posted the discounts post, hasn’t it? Quite honestly, it feels like yesterday, since the time is flying by so fast. I guess it was a mixture of super hot Summer weather and the fact I fall down every now and again; just when I think things might have started looking on a bright side, I get sucked back in. But I take all this as it comes, as a natural and needed process, always with hope and faith. It’s a process and it takes time; if you go to fast and jump over the things without dealing with them, you will have, eventually, to go back and deal with them. […]

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