May 112018

Hello greenies! Another sunny and warm week this has been, and even though there are some showers coming up in the next days, it has to be said this Spring has been fabulous. I’m feeling a bit tired today, as I was trimming grass all day yesterday, but seeing the work done, makes it all well, doesn’t it? In case you’ve missed, I reviewed La Mav Serum this week; another great product from this Australian brand. For this week, there’s tons of great deals from green beauty world waiting for you. First, I’d like to point out that Love Lula is offering a FREE Beauty Box again, along with a great discount and sale on Sukin. Along that, there’s many […]

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #117
May 042018

Hello greenies! How has your week been? Enjoying this beautiful Spring? It can be a bit difficult juggling between all the work and just dropping everything and escape… but, I’m getting better at it. Working in my garden, then hopping to the forest, while in between working on my new blog design – one step at the time. I’ve been through so many different blog designs behind the scenes, yet so far, none of them managed to make the grand entrance, as there was always something that interrupted it. Hopefully, this one will stick, hehe. I read a great article at Beauty Shortlist this week, which deals with many of the issues I’ve been raising for the longest now, and […]

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #116
Apr 272018

Hello greenies! Hope you’ve had a great, sunny and warm week – I did! Aside from taking the time for myself, wandering in the forest, I did quite a lot of work in my garden. The fruit trees are looking gorgeous with their bloom colors, the bees are busy, the birdies are singing and acting a fool, hehe. I just can’t get enough of the beautiful Spring colors. In case you’ve missed, I’ve reviewed an affordable but effective Lyonsleaf Facial Oil this week; it’s taken me a while to start testing it, as I’ve had so many other products to test. As always, I encourage you to not hoard beauty products – buy those that you need, use them up […]

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #115
Apr 202018

Hello greenies! Can you believe this weather?! It’s been so beautiful this week – sunny and warm! The scenery is breathtaking; these rich colors! Despite having a busy week, I did what I said I have to do more often – remind myself that everything can and has to wait and escaped to nature. The forest is beyond enchanting! I’m out of the door with one leg already and I tend to take advantage of this weekend to the fullest; we’re promised sunny and warm weather – up to 28 degrees! In case you’ve missed, I posted my first impressions of April’s Love Lula Beauty Box (you can, surprisingly, still get the March one for FREE). And below is a […]

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #114
Apr 132018

Hello greenies! How’s your week been? Hope you’re enjoying these first Spring’s steps; Winter and the cold, which seemed to be dragging on forever, have knocked me behind many plans I had on my schedule, but now I’m slowly getting back on track. Being determined to take the time for myself as much as possible helps as well; been enjoying the long walks in the forest, working in my garden and just soaking up the warmth and the Sun… I’ve been testing quite a few green beauty products; among them, a newly launched foundation. I’ve got even more reviews in store to go live soon (sometimes, the week just flies by too quickly to tend to my blog as much […]

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Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #113