Jan 122018

Hello greenies! Hope you had a nice, restful and joyous Christmas! Aside from a few occasions, where I was a bit all over the place, I had taken my time off. Whatever it was that needed to be done like a day before already, I said – it can wait. The Holidays were bittersweet – reminiscing of how it used to be and how it never will be, ever again, but at the same time, I know things will get better. After quite some time, I embarked on a mission to bake the walnut cake. Last year, it was too soon and too emotional. Baking this cake has had this long tradition in my family, and no one, in the […]

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #101
Dec 222017

Hello greenies! This is the last discounts and free organic beauty post of the year 2017! Quite unbelievable how this year has gone by! Time is what has been one big tricky thingy for me in the past 2 years… It’s been flying by with me not having a clue what’s going on, I’ve been in a dire need of more time… while always having a feeling like I’m running out of time… This will be the second Christmas without her. It’s gonna be difficult, it’s gonna be full of memories and tears, but I am certain, as painful as it will be, it won’t be as devastating as the one last year was. It can’t be. This Christmas, I […]

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic beauty Gifts #100
Dec 142017

Hello greenies! The Holiday Season is in full swing and therefore I’ve already posted one mega and 4th annual Holiday Gift Guide. But I had another one planned – this time around a gift guide through one of my favorite green beauty shops – Love Lula. I created various categories of gifts – from those small and super affordable stocking fillers, to those, which are a bit more expensive. And if you’re looking for Holiday gifts for our handsome men, then check Love Lula’s store dedicated to men.                             Organii wild rose soap |  PHB Ethical Beauty facial tonic mini |  PHB Ethical Beauty cleanser mini |  […]

Love Lula Holiday Gift Guide 2017
Dec 082017

Hello greenies! Even though the days are much shorter as far as daylight goes, they have been pretty long as far as being insanely busy. Is it just that it’s that time of the year or it’s been the whole year like this? One thing is certain – I am so looking forward to the Holidays and unwinding under a warm cosy blanket, with some hot cocoa, classical music, a diary and a book. And – catching as many moments as possible in the forest – snow or not – I need it. There are still many great offers and deals going on in the green beauty – I’ve collected quite an array of them for you this week. Love […]

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #99
Nov 242017

Hello greenies! It’s that time again – time for a mega discount post for this black Green Friday edition! This week has been pretty brutal as far as being all over the place and being at 5 different places all at once: busy as heck and equally tired. By the time this post goes live, I’m gonna be already giggling at heart-shaped fluffy tails of deer – escaping into the forest. I need some time off, desperately! This week has been busy on this lil’ blog of mine; I posted the first impressions of Love Lula’s November Beauty Box as well as a whooper of a Green Beauty Holiday Gift Guide with over 100 recommendations – this year has been […]

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Green Friday 2017