Feb 172017

Hello greenies! Is it just me, or is the Spring shyly peeking around the corner? The birdies are chirping happy melodies, and there’s this feeling coming over of mother Nature yawning as if to wake up any moment now. Basically, I’m ready for Spring. And the weekend, too. I’m gonna take a day or even two off… but then again, I say this every Friday. How did you spend the week of love? Such a week should be every week, right? Well, I posted an updated edition of Rose oil – one of the most read articles of mine, and included various categories new products, each containing this precious ingredient. I’ve got a lot of new reviews preparing for you […]

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #66
Feb 102017

Hello greenies! How have you been this week? It doesn’t feel much of a “yay, it’s weekend” for me lately, as even the weekends are too busy. I really need to slow down; too many projects all at once, and not enough time to take a moment for myself – and I really need it. In case you’ve missed it, I reviewed Balm Balm Rose Geranium Collection this week. The upcoming reviews will be about a toner, lipsticks… and much more. Oh, and an updated article on Rose oil, since it’s Valentine’s coming soon. It’s not just a sentiment going on regarding the state of the green beauty blogging nowadays; after I mentioned this in one of my weekly discounts […]

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #65
Feb 032017

Hello greenies! Phew, what a busy week this has been! I need to find a moment to unwind this weekend. Do you have any plans? Sometimes, not having any plans works, too, right? In my neck of the woods, it’s gotten a bit warmer, so I plan on spending some quality time in the forest; I need to recharge. This week, I posted only one review; I reviewed Madara Night Cream, with which I am quite impressed; so much so, I decided I have to test a few more of their products (this hugely discounted Madara gift set is mighty tempting!) . For next week, I plan on reviewing a rose collection of products; I’m still going back and forth […]

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #64
Jan 202017

Hello greenies! What have you been up to this past cold winter week? Yes, it’s cold – but it’s winter and it should be, right? I’ve tried to take a few moments for myself and go for a walk in a forest, to unplug as well as to charge my batteries with nature’s beauty. I’m still taking it one day at the time; one day it’s harder than the other. I try to keep myself busy, but reality still creeps in. It’s Friday, right? So, aside from my weekly musings here, it’s also time for another edition of weekly discounts and – would you believe it – Love Lula has a FREE Beauty Box again! And! – Lucy Rose has […]

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #62
Jan 132017

Hello greenies! How’s everyone doing in these cold days? Got any snow in your neck of the woods? I’ve been pretty busy this week, both in my personal life and on my blog; as you have noticed, I posted two reviews this week. Given how long I’ve been absent from my blog, and how many products are waiting to be reviewed, I’ll try my best to post two reviews weekly, along with other articles here and there. So many plans, so little time, right? For the next week, I’m planning two reviews – a cleanser and a foundation, so make sure you stop by! But for this week, a new edition of weekly discounts is waiting for you to check […]

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Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #61