Nov 272020
Green Friday 2020

Hello greenies! The mega huge and annual edition of this year’s Black Friday/Green Friday is here! A quick run down: there are discounts of up to 30%, sales going on of 40% – 50%. There’s a ton of free green beauty gifts. There are various beauty bags going on, which you can get for free (GWP) or for a very discounted price,… once a year event, really. As I say every year, and this year, being surreal, abnormal even more so: Yes, Black Friday sales are huge – the biggest of the year, indeed. However, do not spend your money JUST because there’s a big sale. Here’s my advice on how to go about these huge sales and when to part with […]

Nov 262020
Love Lula Holiday Gift Guide 2020

  As every year, I post at least one Holiday Gift Guide before posting another annual post – the huge mega Green Friday with tons of discounts. Today, I am posting a Holiday Gift Guide from Love Lula, the green beauty store I’ve been successfully working for many years now, being their accredited blogger. And in these surreal abnormal times, especially Love Lula Beauty Box has been one of those positive things, which keep reminding me of the times that were and of the times we all hope and pray will return soon. There’s been a lot of newly launched products at Love Lula store this year! In this year’s Love Lula Holiday Gift Guide, I’ve parted the gifts into several […]

Aug 012020
Random Thoughts #10

What I’ve been up to?  In a way, on the surface, it may seem alright, like nothing had changed. But there’s this nagging part, and when grabbing a mask when going to the store and seeing other people wearing masks… that things are different, that something had changed. Luckily, at least to a certain degree, we live a pretty normal life here and there’s no lockdown, no movement restriction, but still. It’s not just this virus, but certain things that started happening along with it… I’m in this “situation” that somehow just isn’t getting better, and it effects every aspect of my life, and I am, most of the time, unsure how to approach it, deal with it. With so […]

May 012020
Random Thoughts #9

  What I’ve been up to? I am not quite certain, but I’ve been feeling quite lethargic these past few months. Not as energetic as usually. And have been dealing with aches I haven’t previously. In short, I haven’t been feeling well on its own, combined with the world wide situation of this virus, I can’t report feeling all too good lately. I needed to save my energy and deal with only the most necessary things lately, therefore my blog has been less updated than I would have wished, but I can’t force it. I am not too worried, as I have more ideas than I can keep up with, so once I am back on track, so will be […]

Mar 312020
Random Thoughts #8

  What I’ve been up to? This year really didn’t start off right. Maybe, January, but then with February, it all became a blur, and a strange one at that. There’s something really strange going on, and my body is having an equally strange reaction to it with my muscles being too tense and even painful. Magnesium is what helps and luckily I have the Kiki Health Magnesium Oil, which I’ve been using the whole month and promptly ordered another bottle. But it’s not just the tension and all of that, I just haven’t been feeling well and myself these past two months; the energy and the whole situation in this world must have certain effect. It seems like I […]

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