Jan 112017

Balm Balm Mandarin is a happy perfume, which every citrus scent fan will like. I’ve received the Balm Balm Mandarin Perfume in my December Love Lula Beauty Box; today I’ll review it for you. Balm Balm Mandarin Perfume is a one-note perfume, containing only two natural ingredients: the mandarin essential oil and natural grain alcohol. It comes in a simple, yet cute 33ml perfume bottle. Balm Balm Mandarin Perfume contains a generous amount of mandarin essential oil; upon spraying, there’s immediate scent of an alcohol present, but it lasts only momentarily, as the mandarin scent overpowers it. The fact that Balm Balm was generous with mandarin essential oil is visible with a naked eye as well – the color of […]

Balm Balm Mandarin Perfume Review
Oct 212015

Good for normal skin, Fair Squared Green Tea Body Butter makes for a smooth application and skin, with a lovely scent.   Fair Squared, coming from Germany, is a fairly new beauty brand. As the name of the brand suggests, they pride themselves with being Fair Trade; in fact, Fair Squared was one of the first beauty brands being labeled with a FairTrade logo. They are also NATRUE certified. Fair Squared Green Tea Body Butter comes in a generous, 200ml plastic container. The scent of the body butter was quite surprising; I was expecting a more gentle green tea scent, but the scent immediately reminded me of this body oil I used quite a long time ago… It has this […]

Fair Squared Green Tea Body Butter Review
Sep 252014

About a week ago, I received an elegant gift box with organic goodies from an up and coming British organic brand Mel Millis. Inside this elegant box was, aside from the Mel Millis Phytonutri Rose & Pomegranate Rebalancing Body Oil I will review today, also a travel trio and… a hand-written personal note to me from the gracious founder of Mel Millis. The (unfortunately almost lost art of) hand written note nicely corresponds with the aesthetics of Mel Millis brand: introduction of Mel Millis brand, an elegant menu of all the Mel Millis products, and the products themselves packaged in a recycled paper containing British wild seeds, which can be planted. Cute touch there, Mel Millis! Mel Millis offers three lines […]

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Mel Millis Phytonutri Rose & Pomegranate Rebalancing Body Oil Review