DIY Green Beauty

A Green Guide to Natural BeautyA Green Guide to Natural Beauty

How to make your own lotions and potions for face, body and hair at home, using easy-to-obtain, natural ingredients and easy-to-follow methods.







EcoBeautyEcobeauty: Scrubs, Rubs, Masks, and Bath Bombs for You and Your Friends

Eco-friendly future with 100 easy and economical projects.

€14,78 The Book Depository





Make Your Own Skin Care ProductsMake Your Own Skin Care Products

Create your own personal range of skin care applications, tailored to your particular skin type.

€15,95 The Book Depository






The Holistic Beauty BookThe Holistic Beauty Book

Safe, 100 percent natural, organic, eco-friendly skin-care potions you can make at home.

€16,48 The Book Depository






Natural BeautyNatural Beauty

Packed with pampering recipes to create your own beauty essentials for face, body and hair.

€14,28 The Book Depository






Neal's Yard Remedies Recipes for Natural BeautyNeal’s Yard Remedies Recipes for Natural Beauty

A range of skin and body treatments, including shampoos, hair dyes, cleansers, moisturizers, toothpastes, hand and nail creams and many more.

€10,77 The Book Depository






Naturally Healthy SkinNaturally Healthy Skin

Dozens of healing recipes made from natural ingredients like essential oils, fruits, herbs, and flowers. Solutions to common skin problems such as acne, age spots…

€12,91 The Book Depository





The Craft of HerbalismThe Craft of Herbalism

Here you will find all the recipes and formulas you need to get started in creating your own home spa and family medicine cabinet. {our review}

€17,52 The Book Depository






The Art of HerbalismThe Art of Herbalism

75 medicinal plants that you can grow, and how to formulate your harvest into a variety of herbal remedies. {our review}

17,99€ The Book Despository






Herbs for Natural BeautyHerbs for Natural Beauty

Concise, simple-to-understand, and practical information for using herbs for health and well-being.

€7,97 The Book Depository






Organic Body Care RecipesOrganic Body Care Recipes

A solution to those frustrated with the endless cycle of expensive, synthetic, famous-name cosmetics that often fall short of expectations.

€13,82 The Book Depository






Beauty masks and scrubsBeauty Masks & Scrubs

With a directory of essential oils, beneficial ingredients and tips on color and fragrances, this book fully equips readers to try their hand at aromatherapy.

€9,24 The Book Depository






Beauty oils and ButtersBeauty Oils & Butters

30 sensuous delights to pamper yourself with from tip to toe. It blends sophisticated scents and aromatic herbs with essential oils to create toning facial oils, relaxing bath time treats.

€9,24 The Book Depository





Creamy Craft of Cosmetic MakingCreamy Craft of Cosmetic Making with Essential Oils and Their Friends

€16,50 The Book Depository








How to Make Your Own SoapHow To Make Your Own Soap: … In Traditional Bars, Liquid or Cream

Design and create bars of soap using traditional methods that incorporate moisturising oils and butters.

€16,30 The Book Depository






Making Natural Milk SoapMaking Natural Milk Soap

€3,06 The Book Depository









Wonderful craft of hand-made soaps, bath bombs, bath salts and all other manner of bath time treats.

€10,97 The Book Depository







Helps you make 30 soaps (from a ready-made base) using scents and aromatic herbs.

€10,70 The Book Depository






The Handmade Soap BookThe Handmade Soap Book

This guide shows how to make luxury soaps using only natural ingredients and non-specialist equipment.

€11,23 The Book Depository






The Natural Soap BookThe Natural Soap Book

The goodness of soap homemade without chemical additives and synthetic ingredients.

€10,54 The Book Depository






PerfumePerfume: The Art and Craft of Fragrance

Introduces us to the psychology of smell and explains how fragrance can influence our moods and behaviour.

€11,21 The Book Depository






Make your Own PerfumeMake Your Own Perfume

Wearing perfume is often limited by the cost of designer brands. Blending your own fragrance takes perfume wearing to another level.

€15,87 The Book Depository






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