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There are only a few days left in 2020 – a time to revisit all 12 Love Lula Beauty Boxes and pick the best products featured in these 12 Beauty Boxes – easier said than done, given how many great products have been included in the boxes this year.

Each Beauty Box contains at least 4 if not 5 products, most of them full sized, some travel sized and sample sachets, meaning this year, there were around 60 products included in Beauty Boxes, covering all the needs, from face care, body care, hair care, makeup and fragrance.

The value of each Love Lula Beauty Box ranges from £50 – £75 (and sometimes even above); in fact, the total value of Love Lula Beauty Boxes for the year 2020 is a whooping £690! The actual cost, what you pay for a yearly subscription? Barely worth mentioning £12,66 (or £16,60 for international customers) per month (yep, even less than it was before). You also get a discount on all the brands featured in a current Beauty Box for 20% off!

As mentioned, there were around 60 products which we received this year in our Love Lula Beauty Boxes, and here are those, which, in my opinion, were the best: some I had on my wishlist already, some became favorites due to being recommended by way of being featured in a Beauty Box.

Best of Love Lula Beauty Box 2020


 Oils of Heaven Cucumber Oil  (3oml/£19,00); featured in Love Lula Beauty Box November 2020. Yes! When I saw announcement that Love Lula has launched this new carrier oil, I knew I had to try it as soon as possible, given how much my skin has been enjoying cucumber oil for a while now and since I know Oils of Heaven offers high quality carrier oils (my skin drank up their Plum oil so quickly, making me think the bottle is leaking). This Cucumber oil is amazing: absorbs quickly, the skin feels the hydration nearly immediately. It has soothing and calming effect on my skin and I just love the way my skin looks and feels in the morning. Cucumber oil, full with antioxidants, is a carrier oil suitable for all skin types – irritated and sensitive due to its calming and soothing effect, dry and dehydrated due to its immense hydration, oily due to its balancing effect. While perfect for hot Summer days or rather nights, it’s also a great choice for harsh cold Winters – whether outside when it’s cold or inside due to heating. I am certain this bottle will not last till Summer, and will have to get another one. Cannot recommend this Cucumber oil more!

Best of Love Lula Beauty Box 2020

  Inika Mattifying Powder (3,5g/£23,00); featured in Love Lula Beauty Box September 2020. We just keep on getting spoiled by Love Lula Beauty Box, aren’t we? Another Inika product included in the Beauty Box, this time around a mineral mattifying powder. A very finely milled mineral mattifying powder, soft and gentle. Could not apply easier. Invisibly mattifies liquid foundation, works excellently over mineral powder as well. Can be used to control the oil on the eyelids, as an eyeshadow primer. Can be used for its naturally looking mattifying effect on skin without any makeup. The skin is just soft upon touch. Can be also used to fixate a concealer. Is there anything this one can’t do?  Not exactly easily affordable, but it’s a mineral product, little goes a really long way and there’s a lot of product.

Best of Love Lula Beauty Box 2020

  Inika Pure Perfection Primer (30ml/£35,00); featured in Love Lula Beauty Box August 2020. Any cosmetic bag or shelfie looks more luxurious with Inika products in/on it; and the same goes for Love Lula Beauty Box: whenever there’s an Inika product in it, the Love Lula Beauty Box has that special luxurious feel. I’ve been wanting to try this primer for so long (so long, Inika launched another version, the matte one)! I’ve tried the primer with liquid, cream and powder foundations – and it works great with all of the formulations. The primer, which is also a hydrating cream, absorbs in under a minute (just perfect for hectic mornings, wouldn’t you agree?), and leaves the skin velvety soft and as a perfect canvas for foundation/makeup application. Liquid foundation just glides on the skin, wheres powder foundation spreads evenly and in both cases, the finish look and lasting power are quite remarkable – very Inika-like, indeed. I’ll post a full review of this primer (I am aiming for a double review with the matte primer one) in the near future – it deserves it.


 FOM London Face Cleansing Cream (30ml; full size 100ml/£39,00); featured in Love Lula Beauty Box August 2020. Due to Love Lula Beauty Box, I’ve had a chance to try quite a few products from this London brand and so far, I haven’t had many complaints (aside from phenoxyethanol – this product is no exception – and sometimes too high of a cost of these products). I’ve gone through 1/3 of this cleansing cream already and I’ve just gotten it, regardless if it’s just a travel size. I’ve been using it in the morning and in the evening. The creamy soft texture of this cleansing cream makes for a gentle cleanser, leaving the skin soft – like you didn’t just cleanse but also treated it with a gentle, well, cream. It cleanses makeup, including the mascara – I braved the thought of using it as an eye makeup remover as well, and the result is not only cleansed eyes but also non-irritated eyes. I am contemplating on getting a full size of this cream cleanser once available again at Love Lula, even though the cost is too high in my opinion.


  Oils of Heaven Plum Face Oil (30ml/£19,00); featured in Love Lula Beauty Box June 2020. We’re getting quite spoiled by Oils of Heaven and their launching of new carrier oils as often as they do, aren’t we? Not too long ago (in fact, in February), OOH launched the wonderful Raspberry Oil, and now we get another fruity carrier oil – Plum carrier oil. Wonderful! The texture is a bit thicker than that of Raspberry, for example, but that does not effect the absorption as it’s quick. Very little goes a long way (even longer way if you mix it with the many other wonderful OOH oils – go ahead, indulge yourself). I just love the feeling on my face in the morning after the skin had all night the time to absorb this wonderful oil: soft, less bumpy… And the scent is quite interesting as well… I think it reminds me of a dry plums. Sweet. Sugary. Fruity. Gotta do a post dedicated to the many (more) Oils of Heaven oils I’ve been lucky to collect since I’ve reviewed their Cacay and Moringa oils…

Best of Love Lula Beauty Box 2020

 Madara Hyaluronic Collagen Booster Ampoules (10x3ml/£29,90); featured in Love Lula Beauty Box April 2020. I’ve had these ampoules (as well as the antioxidant and the lifting ones) on my wishlist since their launch, but so many other launches have happened alongside, that I just haven’t had a chance to snatch one of these ampoules for myself so far – so Love Lula Beauty Box did it for me. There’s 10 ampoules in a box, each of the ampoules contains 3ml of a product – and while they look nice and all, 3ml of a product is an amount that can’t be used up with one application; it’s taken me 3 application to use up one ampoul, which means an open ampoul “sits there” for at least 3 days. Otherwise, this hyaluronic collagen booster is quite a luxurious product – makes for a quick velvety soft and rested appearance: it does feel comforting on the skin and works really nicely as a foundation base as well. The scent is also very lovely and the price, given there’s 30ml of a product, a standard amount, is also quite reasonable. I mean, I do get the appeal of having a product in an ampoul, but a 30ml bottle would do just fine and would preserve this fine product much better.


 Kathleen Natural Sensual Rose Body and Massage Oil (100ml/£34,00); featured in Love Lula Beauty Box March 2020. With Spring officially arriving, and having such warm and sunny weather I’m walking around in short sleeves and thinking of putting on flip flops, a body oil seems like it’s missed its target for a a month or two… and then a few days later, on the top of everything that’s going on in the world – at the end of March, snow appears! *sigh* So, a body oil all of the sudden, on a brink of April, makes sense, in the times when nothing does. Back in October 2018 (this seems, especially now, so far away, doesn’t it, like a different world), I received the lavender version of Kathleen Natural’s body oil, and a few months later, the same-scented Rose bath shower gel, which I really liked – the scent was right after my heart, and so is this body oil: a gentle, flowery scent, which lasts in accordance to its scent source – natural essential oils one. The massage body oil absorbs quite fast, but not fast enough to be used after a morning shower when you’re in a hurry. But for the evening pampering of the skin and senses, this Rose body oil is a luxurious treat. The one complaint that I have is the same as I did with the Lavender body oil as well as the shower gel – its price. With £34 for 100ml, despite Rosa damascena being one of the ingredients, is too steep of a and unreasonable price.


  FOM London Anti-Pollution Glow Serum Travel Size (30ml/£52,00 for full size); featured in Love Lula Beauty Box March 2020. As I’ve been using the quite watery Fom London Hydra Serum for quite some time now, especially during last Summer, I have, of course, noticed the glow serum as well. This serum is also an interesting one – its texture similar to another Fom London’s serum – the hydra night bright complex one (we’ve got in March 2018 Love Lula Beauty Box) but with a twist of a subtle glow. As it absorbs quickly, I will leave this one for the morning skincare routine – more precisely – as a (minimal) makeup primer. The full size is quite pricey, but I might be tempted to get the full size of this serum as well.

Best of Love Lula Beauty Box 2020

 Oils of Heaven Raspberry Seed Oil (30ml/£19,00); featured in Love Lula Beauty Box February 2020. About 12 years ago, I had a period of time – about a year or so – when Raspberry Seed Oil was a face oil I was binging on – it was one of those carrier oils/facial oils that worked great with my skin, which was still suffering with occasional acne – because the raspberry seed oil is a great choice for oily and acne prone skin, given its anti-inflammatory properties. Since then, I’ve been incorporating the raspberry seed oil into my skincare routine occasionally, and when I saw that Love Lula’s own brand – the Oils of Heaven added another carrier oil to their already rich selection of carrier oils, I’ve placed it on my wishlist – but I didn’t have to wait for it for too long, as it’s landed on my cosmetic shelf already. I’ve been using this oil as a primer under my makeup (or minimal makeup look), as it acts almost like a dry oil, meaning it absorbs pretty fast and doesn’t leave a greasy look, while at the same time you get a natural dewy look and hydrated skin. There’s a reason why the Raspberry seed oil has been one of my favorite carrier oils for so long.


 Kiki Health Magnesium Oil Spray (125ml/12,50£); featured in Love Lula Beauty Box January 2020. I’ve been using magnesium oil for about 15 years now (I’ve been also using magnesium flakes). It’s a must-have product for me, a natural remedy for sore tired muscles, for much needed magnesium intake during those days of the month, a natural relaxant – it doesn’t just soothe the muscles, but also assists with better sleep. I use magnesium oil more or less every day: mostly after an evening shower/bath; I spray it where needed at the moment, whether it’s my back, legs… The only negative, so to speak, side of magnesium oil is that it makes the skin itchy – a lot, and there’s nothing you can do about it. But the effect it has on the muscles and an over-all good feeling, the itchiness just has to come with the territory. I’ve said a while ago I gotta try Kiki Health Magnesium Oil soon – Love Lula’s Beauty Box outraced me, again. Sweet.


 Kathleen Natural Bright Mask (60ml/£28,00) featured in Love Lula Beauty Box January 2020. As you know, I’ve tried quite a few products from Kathleen Natural, including one of their newly launched masked, the Deep Pore Treatment Mask, which I’ve been enjoying for a couple of months now. I had the remaining three masks on my wishlist anyway, so I was really glad to see another Kathleen Natural mask featured in this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box – the Bright Mask. But – there was a problem. The formulation of the mask is like a cookie/bread dough, like a sticky glue: you grab some mask out of the jar and basically the whole content acts as one big – bread dough, inseparable. Application is impossible, as the masks just keeps on falling down instead of easily spreading. I immediately knew there’s something funky with this mask and contacted Kathleen Natural, and they immediately responded appropriately: they said it’s either there’s something wrong with the batch or just this one mask in particular and they will inspect it, while at the same time they offered to send me a new one. Professional, right? So at this time, I am unable to share with you my first impressions of this mask – but once I get a new one and give it a proper try (along with all the other Kathleen Natural face masks I am having on my wishlist), I will post an update here and post a full review. also, I’d like to point out that Love Lula is in no way responsible for this, as they are unable to open and try every product to see it’s OK – that should go without saying.

* * *

Going through all the Love Lula Beauty Boxes and these products again, I am reminded just how quickly this year has gone by and what a strange one it has been. The Love Lula Beauty Box, arriving each month, as a surprise – whether I sneak and peak around due to being too curious what’s in the current box, and as something familiar in this strange world…

Given how many products are featured in every Beauty Box – and by that I mean full and travel sized products, the actual value of each Beauty Box versus the cost – I can say Love Lula Beauty Box is one of a kind and I cannot wait to see all the surprises Love Lula has in store for us with their Beauty Box for the new  – and hopefully much better year.

Thank you, Love Lula, for sending one of these pleasant surprises to my door every month!

* * *

Love Lula Beauty Box kindly gifted to Nature of Europe by Love Lula for the purpose of an honest review.

Nature of Europe is Love Lula’s Accredited Blogger.

The post contains affiliate links. For more info, read our disclaimer.

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