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When Best of Green Beauty 2019 gets posted, you know the year is nearly over – and how fast it has gone by. Usually, Best of post would be the last one from me before I start my Holidays; I have another installation of Random Thoughts ready for you tomorrow – but for today, I will walk you through the many reviews of green beauty products I’ve posted this year: in total, I’ve reviewed 30 products (not counting my first impressions from my Love Lula Beauty Boxes, despite those first impressions being, still, detailed and thorough). There have been quite a lot of posts of my routines (morning, evening and makeup), the discounts posts, guides… In short, I’ve posted 59 posts this year, making 2019 a very productive year, wouldn’t you agree? Sure, as always, there was a lot more planned, but – taking it one day at the time, and making sure that what I post, what I share with you, is of a benefit to you – high quality content (after all, I am a content, an original content creator, not an influencer), which encompasses decades of personal experience with green beauty and the knowledge acquired – all based on honesty. I’ve poured untold hours into this content, and I hope you’ve liked it and will find it useful for many years to come.

Best of Green Beauty 2019

If I were to point out several brands, which dominated on my blog, based on my personal use in year 2019, I would first have to mention Ere Perez. Once I started testing and using their makeup products, and enjoying the high quality at reasonable prices, I dipped into their skincare products as well – and been thoroughly impressed by them, especially their Green Booster Serum, which became one of the best green beauty products I’ve ever used. I’ve been using other Ere Perez products as well, just that they haven’t received their reviews yet. The next brand, which impressed me and was (and will continue) present in 2019, both on my blog and my personal use, was another high quality brand at very affordable prices, and – a rose oil being their main ingredient – Alteya Organics. And the third one, which caught my attention with, first, a few great bath/shower gels, and then with their amazing cleansing lotion and a recently launched face mask – Kathleen Natural.

Best of Green Beauty 2019


A very special note of thanks to Love Lula for spoiling me with these goodies! 


  Ere Perez Quandong Green Booster Serum It’s a water-based serum, meaning it’s far lighter thinner in its texture than an oil-based serum. Yes, a little goes a long way and the serum applies easily, but my experience with this serum has been that of me wanting to splash my face with it – it just simply feels so good on the skin! I just like this almost instant boost of hydration I feel on my face, the gentle and calm feeling. It absorbs fairy quickly; at first, there’s a bit of an emulsion-like feeling on the skin, which then turns into a soft, gentle layer.
The Ere Perez Quandong Green Booster Serum is poetry for the skin – a true serum, with concentrated amount of active ingredients such as – to deliver and seal hydration – whether used alone or before applying moisturizers. The way it feels on the skin is incredible and the way it makes the skin look is equally impressive: soft, smooth, glowy and hydrated skin! It feels especially good on the sensitive, gentle part of the under-eye area, as it’s so soft, refreshing, hydrating and a perfect layer before applying makeup/concealer.
This serum is a treat for any type of skin: if you have oily skin – it promotes a balanced skin and contains antimicrobial ingredients, if you have dull and dehydrated skin, it contains hydration boosting ingredients, if you have sensitive skin, it contains anti-irritating ingredients.

  Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipsticks Olive Oil Lipsticks are another high quality, luxurious beauty products from Ere Perez: beautiful, highly pigmented, rich colors – whether you prefer a classic subtle look, a happy bright Spring-like look or bold Summer look – The Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipsticks will not disappoint. They feel creamy and velvety, hydrating and nourishing. The three Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipsticks that I’ve picked are in Surprise (rich, bold, hot pink and very pigmented watermelon color, with a very distant hint of violet sub-tone), High Tea (an elegant, sophisticated, classic dusty pink nude lipstick, with a distant hint of a mauve, perfect for any occasion and any time of the day) and Picnic (this happy, bright peachy nude has a very Spring-like feel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it during Winter as well. There’s a hint of very light, barely there brown color, mixed with a hint of an orange color, with a peachy pinkish color poured on the top).

  Ere Perez Avocado Waterproof Mascara and Jojoba Eye Pencils  The lashes are easily separated and coated with a richly pigmented black color. One layer of this mascara will achieve a quite natural look, with lashes nicely separated and richly colored. For a bigger volume, at least one more layer is needed, and that won’t pose an issue, as the mascara separates the lashes even with more than one layer. Where the Ere Perez Avocado Waterproof Mascara does not deliver the oomph! result is with lengthening of the lashes; sure, the lashes are a bit longer, but if you’re decisively looking for a mascara, which will make your lashes much longer, this one might not do the work.
The Ere Perez Jojoba Eye Pencils are creamy and more on the soft side; primarily, these eye pencils are not so much as eye liners in lining your water line. They are more like creamy eye shadows, and thus very gentle and soft on your eye lids. The two Ere Perez Jojoba Eye Pencils that I’ve picked are Gold and Copper. The gold one is a beautiful true gold, though it does have a tiny and distant pinkish undertone. The copper one is a stronger and darker color; it falls in a mixture of somewhere between dark berry, bordo and brown, with a glistening finish, of course.

   Ere Perez Chamomile Eye Shadow Palette in Beautiful  Indeed, a beautiful palette of natural, neutral earth-based colors: 3 shimmer ones and 3 matte ones. They can be all used alone or in many combinations with each other – either way, you’ll achieve a natural and beautiful look. You can also use these eye shadows for highlighting, contouring and bronzing. Colors in this Ere Perez Chamomile Eyeshadow Palette, being natural and earthly-toned, are perfect for those, who prefer a natural look, especially the one which goes perfectly with the color of your eyes.

  RMS Beauty Signature Set – Mod Collection  This elegant, minimalist palette of five pans is truly a treat for any fan of a high quality and excellently performing natural beauty products. Each of the products in Signature Set – Mod Collection Palette can be used on their own and you can achieve a minimalist and natural look with just these pans. Above all, all these pans are versatile and can be used for other than their designated purposes, along with the fact you can mix them all depending on your imagination. All the products are formulated with organic and very stable ingredients, which have antioxidant, antimicrobial and hydrating properties.

Best of Green Beauty 2019

  Bloomtown Soothing and Clearing Masks  Bloomtown The Clearing Charcoal & Tea Tree Treatment Mask could not be more perfect for oily, congested and acne prone skin; aside from detoxing charcoal and kaolin clay, this clearing mask contains anti-bacterial essential oils made for oily, congested and acne prone skin, such as tea tree and rosemary, along with the natural salicylic acid – white willow bark extract. Due to charcoal, this mask is of a dark grey color.
Bloomtown The Spring Blue Clay & Indigo Leaf Soothing Mask is another great and affordable product from Bloomtown, and perfect as a follow-up to the clearing mask. The soothing mask is a great choice for those with sensitive skin, as well as for a spoiling session, not only due to delicious scent of this mask. If you experience irritation, or if you have dry skin, in need of some deep conditioning, or just looking for a mask which will plump up, soothe and nurture you skin – the Bloomtown soothing mask just might be it. Just as the clearing mask, the soothing one, too, is glycerine-based, so it does not dry up, but smoothly apply and does not tighten the skin.

  Madara Active AHA Brightening Peel Mask  It’s a welcomed mild chemical peel I use twice a week (other, stronger chemical peels, I use once, at most – twice a month). I leave it on for about 15 minutes – but again, keep in mind, that my skin is well used and adjusted to chemical peels. With regular use Madara Active AHA Brightening Peel Mask, keeping a regular routine, your skin will be smooth, soft, renewed and other products, be it a facial oil or cream, will be more easily spread and absorbed, and that goes for makeup as well. After using the Madara Active AHA Brightening Peel Mask for over 2 years now, I can report that this product is of a high quality and actually – works!

   Lavera Wild Rose Body Care Collection  I’ve been using all these Lavera products for many many years, and I still enjoy them a lot; I am certain I will keep buying them for years to come. What’s not to like? They are reasonably priced, affordable yet this does not compromise their quality. The scent of all of them is beautiful and its source is natural: essential oils, flower waters – all make for a fabulous smelling scent of roses. The Lavera Pampering Body Wash is creamy and gentle, the Lavera Pampering Body Lotion is rich, leaving the skin nourished and soft. The Lavera Pampering Deodorant Roll On is a creamy and gentle deodorant, with a beautiful rose scent, and so is the Lavera Pampering Deodorant Spray – with a stronger and longer lasting scent – and despite being an alcohol based deodorant does not irritate the skin. Each of the products is affordable and the whole collection I presented here, 4 products, cost £35. So, what’s not to like?

  FOM London Hydra Plump Serum  The FOM London Hydra Plump Serum, contains hydration – promoting ingredients as well as antioxidants in a form of quite a few extracts such as green tea extract,  hyaluronic acid and niacinamide – indeed, upon applying the serum, the skin is plump, the hydration is felt, and the finish is that of a silky and smooth and naturally dewy skin. It feels very light on the skin, and the layering of additional products is seamless.

   Alteya Organics Rose Otto Face Sunscreen SPF25  The Alteya Organics Rose Otto Face Sunscreen SPF25 is another great product from Bulgarian Alteya Organics brand – it seems I can’t get enough of their products. The sunscreen covers so many aspects and needs, all at once – from being a great natural sunscreen, to being a moisturiser with an array of skin-beneficial and precious ingredients, to being a sheer-ly tinted primer for a foundation – this one can do it all. And it smells gently flowery for an added bonus.

Best of Green Beauty 2019

   Benecos Translucent Powder and Glamour Mascara  The Benecos Natural Mascara Glamour Look is rich in texture and as such translates on the lashes, giving a volume and length, with lashes nicely separated – and stays on all day. It’s easily layered if you wish for an even more glamourous look, and does not irritate the eyes. The Benecos Natural Translucent Powder is a gentle, silky-like translucent powder, finely milled and sturdily pressed. Its application is easy and fast. It does not set into fine lines and works perfectly with various other makeup (and skincare) products – whether it’s a liquid foundation, concealer, or as a primer for eyelashes and eyelids. It works perfectly when going for a very minimal makeup look, when you only apply a skin serum, maybe a bit of a highlighter/blush and want to mattify the face. Large swaps or precision application – this translucent powder delivers.

   Jane Scrivner Intense De-Stress Mask  The Jane Scrivner Intense De-Stress Mask contains the ingredients to nourish, hydrate, calm and plump the skin for a radiant and smooth skin, such as argan, jojoba, rosehip oil, while also providing a detoxing session with kaolin clay. It makes it suitable for all skin types, whether oily, dehydrated (just because your skin is oily, it does not mean it’s not dehydrated!), but especially if it’s stressed from internal stress or due to environmental factors. It will plump and calm the skin, making it ready to proceed with your evening skincare routine by applying a moisturiser, or with your morning skincare routine, for making it a relaxed canvas before applying makeup.

   Lavera 2-1 Compact Foundation  It offers a buildable coverage – to the point where it’s a strong coverage, but if you, like me, prefer less of a coverage and a natural glowy finish, then this foundation will also be a great choice. A primer, in order for the foundation to spread out easily and evenly is a must, as well as for achieving a natural look. The staying power of Lavera 2-1 Compact Foundation is also quite remarkable – with a primer and a great makeup brush to blend it thoroughly, it lasts all day, does not slide or break and I haven’t had one instance where I’d think I need a translucent powder.

   Esse Light Body Moisturiser and Esse Body Oil  The Esse Light Body Moisturiser is a light, a bit runny, quickly absorbing body moisturiser, great for use after a morning shower or in hot Summer days. It’s hydrating and nourishing and its scent is sweet and refreshing – and long lasting. This body moisturiser makes the skin so incredibly velvet and soft! The Esse Body Oil is a unique and unlike any body oil I’ve ever tried – decadent and luxurious in its scent, texture and the deeply nourishing and hydrating effect it has on the skin, while making the skin so incredibly soft. The ingredients used in this body oil are also unique and precious for a body oil.

Honorable mention of some of the products which will be reviewed next year, but are used daily already

Best of Green Beauty 2019

   Ere Perez Moringa All-Beauty Creme It glides on the skin, quickly absorbs, is light, hydrating and makes  makeup application perfect.

   Kathleen Natural Cleansing Lotion Used mostly in my morning skincare routine, but since I’ve discovered this all-around excellent cleanser thoroughly but gently removes eye makeup, I’ve decided to save it for this purpose only, since I find it hard to find an eye makeup remover which does not irritate my eyes.

   Kathleen Natural Deep Pore Treatment Mask  Anti-bacterial mask, targeting oily, congested skin – and wow – what a great mask this one is! A creamy texture, which dries in a few minutes, does not irritate the skin and the first results are visible immediately – and after a few treatments, the skin clears up.

   Jane Scrivner OO Cream  A light, fast absorbing cream but also very hydrating and quite matte in its finish. I’ve been using it for a while now, over a serum or a moisturiser or over a face oil.

   Inika BB Cream Foundation and Inika Liquid Foundation Great, buildable coverage and long lasting staying power.

   Alteya Organics Facial Cleanser & Wash It gently cleanses and removes any of the remaining impurities. It’s also very affordable.

   Dr Hauschka Light Reflecting Concealer  It softens dark shadows with natural light reflections and soothes the skin.

   Madara Plum Plum Lip Balm and Madara Hemp Hemp Lip Conditioning Balm  The Plum Lip Balm  – it’s a lip balm, but it’s a lip balm moonlighting as a lip gloss as well! The tube is also that of a lip gloss. It’s has a bit of a color, a pretty, very natural peachy one. The scent is delicious, fruity one, that of a plum, of course. The Hemp Lip Balm – the texture is thin and of finely whipped nourishing ingredients such as shea butter and coconut oil, along with soothing chamomile and hydrating hemp oil. It’s so very soft and – “balzamy”.

   Madara Regene Volume Rebuilding Lifting Mask For that quick pick me up, plumper appearance.

   Balm Balm Little Miracle Cleanser  This cleanser is quite a treat, along with a very lovely scent (though maybe % of essential oils might be a bit too high?) making it great for an aromatherapy ritual as well. It melts away the makeup and dirt, while not stripping the skin of its natural oils – the skin is cleansed and soft.


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Did any of the products from my Best of Green Beauty 2019 list find themselves on your list of best green beauty products for the year 2019? If so, which ones? Or, maybe – you’ve just placed these products on your wishlist for 2020? Let me know!

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For more information (all the links to my review + where to buy them) on mentioned brands, please visit their dedicated brand pages:

Ere Perez
RMS Beauty
Dr Hauschka 

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All the products mentioned in this post (except for Kathleen Natural Mask being gifted to me by Kathleen Natural) have been generously gifted to Nature of Europe by Love Lula for the purpose of an honest review.

Nature of Europe is Love Lula’s Accredited Blogger.

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