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2017 was a swoosh – blink with an eye and you’ll miss it – at least this is how I experienced it. Admittedly, I had a lot more planned as far as reviews, articles and so on, but, alas, I had fallen short. But at the same time – what I did do was enough: thoroughly tested and reviewed green beauty products along with weekly discounts posts.

Below you’ll find the products, which I reviewed and which made the list of my best green beauty products of 2017 – some I’ve tried for the first time in 2017, some I’ve been using for a while, but just now reviewed them; I’ve been using many more products, which haven’t posted the reviews of yet – so make sure to check back as many more reviews are in plans.




La Mav BB Cream: The best natural BB Cream/tinted moisturizer I’ve tried so far. Great and skin-beneficial ingredients, excellent formulation, great staying power, light-feeling on the skin, strong medium coverage (or medium, depending how much you use it, as you can layer it without the BB cream looking unnatural or cakey) and natural looking and healthy glowing finish – all this is La Mav BB Cream. And when paired with La Mav Bio-Active Primer, you get an all natural looking finish – both hydrate the skin with vitamins, anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid.

Walden Natural Perfumes Two Eternities Perfume: a gentle, feminine, sweet and flowery perfume – a great addition for any natural perfume loving lady. Given the fact the source of the scent is totally natural and not synthetic – essential oils, absolutes and resins – the smell lasts accordingly: around 2 hours. All in all it’s quite difficult to describe this scent – all I can tell you is that it is so feminine, so gentle, so adorable and sweet. Not for a moment does it smell cheap! It gives this fresh and calm feeling – quite possibly like walking through a fairy forest.

RMS Beauty Tinted “Un” Powder: an elegant, simple ingredients-wise face powder, whose only a small amount gives the polished final look – it controls the shine, minimizes the pores and looks and feels silky. The coverage ranges from minimal to medium, though with a better coverage, you risk a bit of a cakey look. The RMS Beauty Tinted “Un” Powder proves you don’t have to throw many (and sometimes even toxic) ingredients into a product to achieve a great finish. It can be used alone (but not without a moisturizer or a primer – at least not in my case, even though I have combination and oily skin) or in any combination with tinted moisturizer, BB cream, foundation – when you need to control the shine or just want that final touch of a setting powder.

  Nudus Lipstick: These lipsticks are a work of art – from the packaging on – the tubes are minimalist and elegant. The lipsticks themselves – really worth admiration. The Nudus lipsticks contain a myriad of lips – beneficial ingredients – from hydrating, nourishing to softening: antioxidants, minerals, vitamins… Nudus lipsticks are in a league of their own – from gorgeous, highly pigmented and ongt lasting colors, to excellent ingredients, which leave your lips moisturized and nourished and soft. The fact that they come in an elegant and unique packaging is just another added bonus.

  Kure Bazaar Nail Polish: sophisticated, elegant and come in a variety of beautiful, rich colors. The packaging is minimalist and elegant as well – exactly what you’d expect from a French beauty brand. The finish of Kure Bazaar nail polishes also covers all your desires – whether you prefer a sheer and very natural look on your nails, or a full coverage – Kure Bazaar has it all. The colors have a high shine and rarely lose the pigment power.


  Zuii Organic Eye Shadows: enriched with vitamins and minerals, are easily blendable, highly pigmented eyeshadows, which also have an envy-worth staying power, all the while giving your eyes a silky finish.

Hurraw Vata Lip Balm: I immediately bought this one a while ago when it came out. The biggest reason? It has rose flower oil as one of the ingredients; on occasion, it seems the scent wanders into a geranium scent – and believe me, if you’re looking for a flowery, rose scented lip balm – you’re gonna really like this one. This one will also remain one of those Hurraw! Lip Balms I will continue buying.

  Inika Eye Shadow: rich and pigmented eye shadows, which are easily blendable with each other, giving a natural and polished look.

Luk Beautifood Lipstick: beautiful packaging matches their special treatment of lips by making them moisturized, nourished, soft and with a subtle color perfect for day-wear.

Andalou Naturals Toner: a non-water based facial toner, loaded with antioxidants and soothing ingredients – all that for an incredibly affordable price and a scent that will keep you coming back for more.

  Oskia Renaissance Gel Cleanser: an effective non-foaming cleanser of a gel – like consistency, which melts into an oil and removes impurities, leaving skin clean and soft.

Madara Time Miracle Total Renewal Night Cream: a soothing, fast-absorbing night cream, promoting silky soft and hydrated skin.

Laidbare For Richer or Porer Mask: Clay based facial mask, targeting oily and combination skin, detoxifies and moisturizes, while also performing as a mild exfoliator, leaving the skin calm and smooth. And super affordable to top it all.

  PHB Ethical Beauty Mascara: an all-in-one mascara – it is volumising, thickening and lengthening mascara – truly. Just with one layer you get beautifully separated and lashes. You can work the mascara on the first layer, to achieve length and volume, or wait just a bit, and go for another layer. Aside from rich black color, the lashes are full of volume.

* * *

Can’t wait to share with you many more reviews this year! Which are the best green beauty products you tried in 2017? Let me know!


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