Benecos is an affordable, certified organic cosmetic brand.

Location: Germany
Products range: Make up (foundation, concealer, blush, mineral make up, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, lipgloss, lipliner, nail polish, make up tools), skin care (day cream, night cream, lip balm), body care (lotion, shower gel, body cream, hand cream), hair care (shampoo).

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  1. ’ai acheté le mascara “benecos” natural super long cardon black et donc ce message pour vous signaler que je n’en suis pas du tout contente : il “coule” j’ai le dessous des yeux tout noir fin de matinée et/ou meme millieu d’apris midi
    une horreur


    • Hi there V. David! Thank you for sharing your review of Benecos mascara here on our green beauty blog. Unfortunately, this is how it is with beauty products: some may suit you and may not. While natural organic beauty products, including make up, have come a long way, and are up to par with conventional beauty products, I think that mascaras are a bit lagging behind in terms of performance, especially compared to conventional mascaras. Which is not all that surprising, since conventional mascaras contain ingredients which make the mascaras waterproof, for example, whereas natural organic mascaras, do not.

      As you know, this is a green beauty blog, and one of the the things we offer our readers, are directories of stores selling natural cosmetics, as well as brands directories, where readers can find which stores are selling the brand they are looking for. We, ourselves, are not selling anything; this is not a store and we are not selling Benecos products. Your review will however stay here, so that other readers and potential customers can make an informed decision whether or not to buy Benecos mascara. Have you tried any other natural mascaras and if so, how did you like those?

      Kind regards to France :)

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