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Balm Balm Rose Geranium Collection consists of versatile, nourishing and rich balms, accompanied with a seducing scent of roses.

Balm Balm Rose Geranium Collection Review

My affection for roses is known. Having had the Balm Balm Rose Geranium collection on my wish list for quite sometime, I was, naturally, giddy when Love Lula sent me this collection of these rose smelling cute tubes and pots.

The Balm Balm Rose Geranium collection, which I tested and will review for you (this review should have gone live back in 2015, but due to everything that went on in my life back then, I’ll make it up to you, and Love Lula, now), consists of five versatile balms: face balm, relax all over balm, lip balm in a pot, lip balm in a tube and hand balm.

* * *

Balm Balm Face Balm

The first potion from the Balm Balm Rose Geranium collection is the face balm (and more). And the “and more” written on the tube could not be more accurate. The Balm Balm Rose Geranium Face Balm’s texture is very oily, and the cream itself is very nourishing – not surprising, since the balm is very concentrated. Given I have oily, sometimes combination skin, this cream is too oily and too nourishing for me to be used during the day; I use it mainly as a strongly nourishing mask; the main reason why I use it only as a nourishing mask is due to the balm containing beeswax, and beeswax can be comedogenic. The good news is, this balm is versatile, so it can be used for other purposes as well – as a lip balm, body cream, hand cream… But if you have very dry skin – then this face balm is for you. The Balm Balm Face Balm comes in a 30ml tube and costs only £8,95.

* * *

Balm balm Relax All Over Balm

The second potion from the Balm Balm Rose Geranium collection is their Relax All Over Balm (30ml/£8,50). This balm is perfect for the winter days, when the skin is drier and needs nourishing butters and oils. I use the balm after a shower, but even more so – after a relaxing bath – as an all over body balm. The balm quickly melts on the skin, leaving it visibly nourished. I prefer using light lotions and (dry) body oils during hotter days, but for winter days – this balm is perfect. The scent is a mixture of a citrus one, with a hint of lavender and rose. And yes, you can freely use this Relax All Over Balm as a hand cream, as well as for elbows, feet… you name it – the balm is versatile.

* * *

Balm Balm Hand Balm

Even though all the above mentioned balms can be used as hand creams as well, Balm Balm Hand Balm (30ml/£8,95) will cover your needs for soft, nourished and nicely smelling hands. This nourishing potion seems to get eaten by the skin pretty fast. I mostly like using this Balm Balm Hand Cream during sleep – I apply a generous amount of the hand cream before putting cotton gloves on my hands, and let the cream do its nourishing magic during the night. I do a similar treatment for my feet, mixing the hand cream and all over balm. Result? Soft and fed feet and hands.

* * *

Balm Balm Lip Balm

Last but not least – The Balm Balm Lip Balm – one in a tube (10ml/£5,50) and one in a pot (7ml/£5,50). They both contain ingredients, which are super nourishing for the lips; the lip balm in a tube is more oily, while the lip balm in a pot is more buttery. I use the lip balm in a pot only while at home; it’s especially useful after exfoliating the lips – just slather the balm on the lips before sleep, and you’ll wake up with nourished lips in the morning. The lip balm in the tube, aside from looking cute in a cosmetic bag, is a great companion during winter days, when my lips get especially dry and cracked.

* * *

How about the ingredients?

All the above mentioned Balm Balm potions contain more or less the same ingredients, just the amount of the ingredients in each of the products is different, as well as the texture – depending on what the balm’s target is.

The main ingredient in the Balm Balm Rose Geranium products is – rose geranium essential oil; it’s precisely this essential oil, which gives the products this nice rose scent.

Shea butter is rich in fatty acids. It is very nourishing and promotes skin’s elasticity. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-aging properties. As it softens the skin, it is excellent for dry and chapped skin.
Balm Balm Lip BalmSunflower oil has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids. It is rich with Vitamin A, D and E. It spreads easily and is  quickly absorbed. It is an antioxidant and a moisturizer and it promotes skin regeneration.
Calendula oil has antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes the skin as well as heals the skin. Jojoba oil is a skin/sebum identical ingredient. It easily absorbs and retains moisture; it smooths and softens the skin. It is suitable for all skin types, especially for oily and acne prone skin. Aloe Vera has hydrating and anti-aging properties. It tightens skin and rejuvenates skin.

Mandarin oil, aside from offering pleasant scent, has water-retention properties. Lavender Oil  has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, and a lovely scent. Ylang Ylang balances the skin by normalizing sebum production. It has anti-irritant and anti-aging along properties with being a fragrant oil .

Potentially problematic ingredients? As far as ingredients being toxic – none. However, those, whose skin reacts to beeswax (it can be comedogenic) should caution when using.

* * *

My final word?

Balm Balm Relax All Over Balm

The Balm Balm Rose Geranium balms are super rich and nourishing, along with having a delicate scent of roses. Given the source of the scent are essential oils, the scent lingers on for about an hour or two. All the products are versatile – they can be used as designated, or in combination with one another as body balms, hand creams. All the products from this collection are concentrated, which means a little truly goes a long way, and all the products are very affordable; though if you find, for example, the Balm Balm lip balm a bit too expensive, you can always just get the Balm Balm Face Balm and use it as a lip balm, too.

As these Balm Balm products do not contain preservatives, their shelf life is 6 months upon opening.

Would I purchase these balm potions again? Yep – they are versatile, and rich – oily and buttery, affordable and smell nice. I’ve got the Balm Balm Rose Geranium perfume and Balm Balm Body Oil on my wish list, and if you’re looking for a rose hydrolate, this collection has it, too.

Oh, I have to mention this as well – for those, with very sensitive skin and those, who prefer scent-free products, Balm Balm offers scent-free goodies as well.

* * *

Have you tried the Balm Balm Rose Geranium goodies? How did you like them? Let me know!

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For more information on Balm Balm, please visit their dedicated brand page.

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Balm Balm Rose Geranium Balms have been provided to Nature of Europe by Love Lula for the purpose of an honest review.

Nature of Europe is Love Lula’s Accredited Blogger.

The post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Thanks to this fantastic blog, I had the opportunity to gift this collection to my mother who has always been in love with the rose geranium. The gift was very pleased because these four products are perfect for moisturizing the lips and dry skin, proven by the cold or age. Positive notes are also very comfortable texuture and rapid absorption that make it even more enjoyable to use. Persistent, delicate and very feminine fragrance for pure pampering pleasure. Very pretty packaging whit lovely travel sizes. Amazing kit!

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