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Balm Balm Mandarin is a happy perfume, which every citrus scent fan will like.


I’ve received the Balm Balm Mandarin Perfume in my December Love Lula Beauty Box; today I’ll review it for you.

Balm Balm Mandarin Perfume is a one-note perfume, containing only two natural ingredients: the mandarin essential oil and natural grain alcohol. It comes in a simple, yet cute 33ml perfume bottle.

Balm Balm Mandarin Perfume contains a generous amount of mandarin essential oil; upon spraying, there’s immediate scent of an alcohol present, but it lasts only momentarily, as the mandarin scent overpowers it. The fact that Balm Balm was generous with mandarin essential oil is visible with a naked eye as well – the color of the perfume is like a squeezed mandarin juice – lightly orange and the perfume itself is not watery.

balm-balm-mandarin-perfumeΒ Given this is an all natural perfume, its staying power corresponds with that – the scent lingers for about an hour. The scent is unmistakably natural, and those, who prefer citrus scents, will like this one. I, myself, am more of a flower (especially rose) perfume lady, so the Balm Balm Geranium Perfume is definitely on my wish list; especially since I’ve already tested other products from their geranium collection. This mandarin scent has that wintery feel, but at the same time – it would be a nice scent for the summer days as well.

The Balm Balm Mandarin Natural Perfume does not leave any oily stains.

Balm Balm also suggests you can mix any of their one-note perfumes with each other to create your most desirable scent – and if you haven’t tried any of the Balm Balm perfumes, you can do so by getting these little perfumes.

The price of the Balm Balm Mandarin Perfume is somewhat affordable – around €25 for 33ml. While an application is needed more often (again, this is a natural perfume, and it shouldn’t be expected to perform as the conventional ones), I think this bottle could last you for quite a while.

And while we’re talking perfumes, a little birdie told me that Love Lula will launch a new perfume brand soon – I’m looking forward to it and I’ll make sure to let you know more about the new Love Lula perfumes soon.

Are you familiar with Balm Balm perfumes? Which perfume scents do you prefer: floral, fruity, woody or more spicey? Let me know!

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For more information on Balm Balm, please visit their dedicated brand page.

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Balm Balm Mandarin Perfume has been provided to Nature of Europe by Love Lula for the purpose of an honest review.

Nature of Europe is Love Lula’s Accredited Blogger.

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