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Alorée Skin Rescue Regenerating Elixir Review Ingredients: VITIS VINIFERA (GRAPE) OIL*, ROSA CANINA FRUIT OIL*, CAMELINA SATIVA SEED OIL*, FRAGRANCE (PARFUM), HORDEUM VULGARE (BARLEY) LEAF EXTRACT*   *ingredients from Organic Farming

Now that is an interesting concept, I thought to myself: extracting chlorophyll and using it as a cosmetic ingredient.

Alorée Chlorocosmetic is a relatively young French brand, whose main and key ingredient in their beauty products is chlorophyll – the green molecule also known “as the source of life”. Alorée has obtained a new active cosmetic ingredient called C.H.C.® (Chlorophyllin Hordeum Complex) from young barley shoots. The extraction procedure, as Alorée says, is a unique, patented and eco-certified extraction procedure, free from organic solvent or alcohol, this extraction procedure enables the creation of an active agent rich in chlorophyll, 100% natural and organic.

chlorophyll The first product from this French brand I’ve tested is their Regenerative Skin Rescue Elixir. Elixir is suppose to be that magic potion of eternal life, eternal youth. Or in the case of cosmetics – eternal youthful looks. So I guess Alorée, with their “source of life” ingredient – chlorophyll extract – did their magic trying to create an elixir for eternal youthful looking skin.

Alorée Regenerative Skin Rescue Elixir has greenish color and comes in a cute glass bottle with a dropper. The scent of this elixir deserves a special attention – it’s unique and so invigorating! What would be the best words to describe this lovely scent? The scent of freshly cut spring grass. If you’re used to natural beauty products having a flowers and herbs scent, this one will really take you by surprise!

The consistency of this elixir is that of a rich and somewhat thick oil; a drop or two for the whole face and neck is all that’s needed. It’s absorption if pretty fast as well. For those who have dry skin, Alorée Regenerative Skin Rescue Elixir could be used for a morning routine – applying a drop before makeup. For those, who have skin more on the oily side, I’d recommend you use it before going to bed. As always, I first prepare my skin using a toner and/or hydrolate, and then I massage only a drop or two of this concentrated elixir all over my face and neck.

Alorée Skin Rescue Regenerating Elixir Review Yes, you will immediately see the difference in your skin the next morning. My skin was so soft and radiant! This elixir is great as a pick-me up companion when you have tired and dull skin – it will revive it! As far as regenerative properties it claims to deliver – it would be too soon to concur with, but given the time I’ve been using Alorée Regenerative Skin Rescue Elixir, my skin really does have that happy and radiant appearance!

How about the ingredients in this elixir? There aren’t many.

Grape Seed Oil, a great moisturizer, is rich with fatty acids, as well as highly potent antioxidants (such as Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin C). It has astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. It tones the skin, helps fighting aging of the skin and promotes skin’s elasticity. Rosehip Seed Oil is rich in essential fatty acids; it promotes cell and tissue regeneration. It is an excellent anti-aging oil, with anti-bacterial properties, and a great oil for oily skin. Camelina oil, rich in Vitamin E and omega fatty acids, is an antioxidant and emollient with anti-inflammatory properties. It promotes healthier, smooth and moisturized skin. And then there’s the key active ingredient – Chlorophyllin Hordeum Complex, a Barley Leaf Extract. A potent antioxidant, this oxygenating phyto complex protects the skin from premature signs of aging.

Potentially problematic ingredients? Fragrance (Parfum). I contacted Alorée regarding the source of fragrance (parfume) in Alorée Regenerative Skin Rescue Elixir, but unfortunately, I’ve never received a response. Their contact page also leaves a lot to be desired; if your customers are unable to reach you, that does not shed a good light on your business.

Yes, I could easily say that this lovely scent of freshly cut spring grass is due to Barley Leaft Extract only, especially since the scent does not appear to be synthetic, but I am not certain, especially since, aside from not being able to get in contact with Alorée, they did not specifically note on their ingredients list that the source of fragrance (parfum) is a naturally occurring component found in natural ingredients in this product.

Alorée Skin Rescue Regenerating Elixir Review

* * *

My final word? Alorée Regenerative Skin Rescue Elixir falls under those products where I’d say – now that’s something new. It is a great beauty product: it smells great, it gives the skin instant results, leaving your skin soft, and looking radiant. It is a great pick-me up when your skin looks tired and dull, whether it’s due to stress, environment…

Price? From 32€ – 40€ for 15ml, which falls under “quite expensive”. Yes, it’s a great product and other ingredients in this elixir, aside from Chlorophyllin Hordeum Complex, are not expensive, so I am guessing this Barley Leaf Extract must fall on a more expensive side. Still – 40€ for 15ml sounds a lot, but, if knowing it takes only a drop of this product to make your skin radiant, along with this innovative ingredient the elixir contains, then maybe you could justify the price. I’ve seen and tried products much more expensive, even though the ingredients did not justify the price.

Would I buy it again? I would have to ponder spending that kind of money on a 15ml product, but seeing the results on my skin – I think I would.

* * *
Are you familiar with Alorée brand? What are your thoughts on this new, innovative, extracted from chlorophyll active ingredient, Chlorophyllin Hordeum Complex?

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For more information on Alorée, please visit their dedicated brand page.

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Alorée Regenerative Skin Rescue Elixir has been provided to Nature of Europe by Lucy Rose for the purpose of an honest review.

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