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Akamuti Sweet Orange Facial Cleanser Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis), Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Olea europa), Organic Beeswax (Cera alba), Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil (Citrus aurantium), Geranium Essential Oil (Pelargonium graveolons), Myrrh Essential Oil (Commiphora myrrha), Limonene* Citronellol* Geraniol* Linalool* Citral*   *natural constituents of the essential oils used

When I think of how a natural, effective and gentle facial cleanser should look like, I think of Akamuti Sweet Orange Facial Cleanser. I first tried it many years ago (the packaging was different). As you can imagine, back then, I was skeptical of how effective can such a cleanser be, given I was used to using conventional cleansers, which were, due to their synthetic cleansing ingredients, of course, harsh for my skin: they stripped my skin of its natural oils, which in turn made my skin produce more oil, and they were the reason why my skin reacted with acne, itchiness and irritation.

When I received Akamuti Sweet Orange Facial Cleanser, I quickly remembered why I liked it so much. The cleanser has an uplifting scent of oranges, pale yellow color and is of a quite thick consistency; it looks like a rich cream, which was smoothly whipped from various oils.

Akamuti Sweet Orange Facial Cleanser I massage the cleanser all over my face and neck, and leave it on for about 8 minutes in order for the cleanser to melt and for the ingredients to do the cleansing. I then use a dry  cotton ball (sometimes I use some warm water on a cottomn ball as well) to gently remove the cleanser, followed by toner (just splashing the water won’t do it, given its rich oily consistency). Alternatively, you can use a muslin cloth to remove the cleanser as well.

Akamuti Sweet Orange Facial Cleanser cleans the skin very well; makeup will slide off easily. While it also removes eye makeup, it may be a bit irritating to those with sensitive eyes.

After cleansing, the skin is really smooth, soft and – nourished. In fact, after using the cleanser, you won’t even have to use a moisturiser after, especially if your skin is on the oily side. This cleanser is great for any skin type: its rich creamy texture will prove great for dry skin and the ingredients will work nicely with oily skin, not stripping it of its natural oils, throwing the natural oil production off its balance.

There’s 50ml of the cleanser and given you truly need only a small amount of it to properly cleanse the skin, with daily cleansing, this one should last you about 4 months, at least.

The ingredients? Few, yet effective. Almond oil, an emollient,  soothes and softens the skin, as well as calms itchy, irritated skin. Olive oil is, especially due to squalene, a potent antioxidant, with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties; it smooths and softens the skin. Geranium Essential Oil has anti-inflammatory, astringent and antiseptic properties and is a natural skin toner. It balances and regulates oil and sebum, thus great for oily and acne prone skin, as well as dry and mature skin. It promotes skin circulation and is a good lymphatic cleanser. Orange Essential Oil is an antiseptic and anti-toxin, suitable for dry, wrinkled, dull and oily skin. It rejuvenates the skin and works as a natural exfoliator. It also stimulates circulation. Myrrh Essential Oil has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and astringent properties. It revitalizes and soothes the skin. Like Geranium Essential oil it’s a natural skin toner. Beeswax works as emollient and thickener; it can be comedogenic.

Potentially problematic ingredients? None!

Akamuti Sweet Orange Facial Cleanser Review

* * *

My final word? Akamuti Sweet Orange Facial Cleanser is what I think a natural cleanser should be. Few, yet effective ingredients. I use Almond and Olive oil (on their own or mixed) as a makeup remover myself. Orange oil has its natural cleansing properties. The cleanser is gentle to the skin and leaves it soft, smooth and clean. There are no ingredients, which could irritate the skin, such as various cleansing and foaming agents agents, for example, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Sucrose cocoate and Lauryl glucoside.

But there is one problem with Akamuti Sweet Orange Facial Cleanser, and that is the packaging. It comes in a plastic container, and I’ve been having a bit of a hard time screwing the lid properly after time. Given the cleanser has, thankfully, no preservatives, and even if it did – every time you open it and dip your fingers in it, you contaminate it. So I suggest you take out a smaller amount of the cleanser (with wooden spoon, preferably), put it in a smaller container and put the main container in a refrigerator in order for it to last longer. While the ingredients are stable on their own and it says the product has a shelf life of 6 months upon opening it, that will be true only if you do not open it frequently and if you do not dip your fingers in it. Due to the cleanser’s consistency, it may have been hard to store it in a tube (but not impossible, I’m guessing), At any rate, it would be a shame if such a truly natural product would go to waste before used all the way.

Price? 9€ for 50ml. Yes, it’s that affordable! You can tell that Akamuti are not greedy with hiking up the price for the products, even though their products contain valuable organic ingredients. And even if the cleanser is only 9€ – regardless – keep it in the refrigerator, so that what is the most valuable – the ingredients – do not go to waste.

I’m glad I got reacquainted with Akamuti Sweet Orange Facial Cleanser and reminded why I liked it so much back in the day and why such cleansers are truly the best there are. Would I buy it again? Yes! Do I recommend it? Highly!

* * *

Are you familiar with Akamuti products? Which are you favorite Akamuti products? Do you use facial cleansers which contain foaming agents, or do you prefer a more natural type of cleansers such as Akamuti Sweet Orange Facial Cleanser?

* * *

If my review of Akamuti Sweet Orange Facial Cleanser persuaded you to try it, or some other great Akamuti product, Akamuti is offering Nature of Europe readers an exclusive discount of £5 with your order over £15. The discount code is valid till 30.6.2015.

Exclusive AKAMUTI Discount

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For more information on Akamuti, visit their dedicated brand page.

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Akamuti Sweet Orange Facial Cleanser has been provided to Nature of Europe by Akamuti for the purpose of an honest review.

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  1. I love creamy cleansers like this one! Thanks for sharing this post! xo

  2. I must try this one, I bet it smells gorgeous but I would probably use it in the winter when my skin tends to be dehydrated. I\’m almost at the end of a tub of balm cleanser at the moment (Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser). It\’s also a big tub, your tip about decanting it into a smaller container is a useful tip as it has lasted me over 6 months with once-daily use as it\’s so rich. My skin is oily but I still use oil based cleansers as they help to balance out the oiliness. However I do still prefer wash off cleansers (liquid,not foaming) that don\’t leave any residue on the skin, particularly in the warmer months. The only natural foaming cleanser I have used is MuLondon Lavender Foaming Facial Cleanser which made my skin feel a bit dry, maybe the rose one would suit my skin more.

    I also made the mistake of using harsh cleansers on my skin when my skin was at the most oiliest and acne prone in my twenties, Clinique was the main culprit! I\’m so glad that we have access to so many natural brands now.

    That\’s a really good idea about having balm/ointment type cleansers in a tube! Why hasn\’t anyone thought of that yet?

    Thank you for the discount code! I love the flower in the photo made from orange peel :) you always make such an effort with your posts.

    • Hi Yasmin! Yes, the cleanser smells really nice; a refreshing, uplifting orange candy like. Unless in a tube or with a pump, this is how I store most of my beauty products – by having the main container in the fridge. With all natural beauty products, aside from being contaminated, the warm and bright environment also speeds up the process of precious vitamins and minerals losing their potentency. The Akamuti facial cleanser could last you for about good 4 months, and it is very affordable; much more than many other cleansers from natural brands, and it contains no water or therefore potentially irritating emulsifiers and preservatives.
      Oh, believe me, I hear you on those harsh cleansers! I used from drugstore cleansers to expensive ones, not knowing they all contain the same harsh synthetic foaming and cleansing ingredients.
      Most welcome for the discount code – the credit goes to Akamuti’s generosity. And there will be more generous surprises – I’m sure you’ll like them :)
      Thank you for your great comment and kind words about the flower photo. <3

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