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Super exciting! Celebrating the launch of their new site as well as celebrating their 12th birthday (a testament of the quality of Akamuti products as well as their excellent customer service!), Akamuti and Nature of Europe teamed up for a sweet giveaway: Akamuti will be giving away 2 vouchers, each worth £30 (€39) and each of the 2 winners will choose Akamuti products of their own liking!

Akamuti Giveaway
Perfect giveaway for those, who like pure, natural and handmade beauty products! Need a high quality hydrolate? Maybe shea butter? Or a great natural cleanser? How about black soap? Or a great facial oil?  You can choose from 137 Akamuti products, and given Akamuti products are affordable, for £30 you can throw quite a lot of green beauty products in your basket and – enjoy! So, head over to Akamuti site and pick your products!

In case you need some recommendations, I’ve previously reviewed quite a few Akamuti products, and here are the reviews:

Akamuti Replenishing Rose Face Cream (and Lip Balm) Review
Akamuti Sweet Orange Facial Scrub Review
Akamuti Replenishing Rose Facial Oil Review
Akamuti Sweet Orange Facial Cleanser Review

* * * 

The entry for the giveaway starts on 21.7.2015 and closes on 4.8.2015. There are geographical restrictions: the giveaway is open for European countries only! The winner will be randomly picked and announced in this post. If the winner does not come forward until 6.8.2015, we will randomly select another winner. So, what do you need to do if you wish to win the Akamuti goodies? Well, this time around, Rafflecopter will do the work for me, you just need to follow the instructions:


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Given this is the first time I am running a giveaway via Rafflecopter, and in case something goes wrong with it, I reserve the right to randomly pick a winner based on the numbers you will have been appointed by leaving the comment bellow.

The £30 voucher prize cannot be exchanged for money nor will Akamuti pay you the difference should the products you’ve chosen not amount to £30.

Due to spam, the comments are moderated; we ask for your patience for your comments to be posted.

Please note: if you liked Nature of Europe’s Facebook page and followed Nature of Europe on Twitter for previous giveaways, but no longer liked our Facebook page and no longer followed us on Twitter after the giveaways were closed, you’re not eligible to participate in this giveaway.

Disclaimer: This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. By entering, entrants of this giveaway on Nature of Europe agree to a complete release of Facebook.

Many thanks to our generous sponsor – Akamuti – for sponsoring this giveaway! We wish all the participants good luck! 

* * *

Exciting news! The giveaway is closed and we have two very lucky winners who will receive purely natural and handmade Akamuti products worth £30! Congratulations Tea and Theresa! I am certain you will love the Akamuti products and I cannot wait to hear all about it. Please send your full name, address and the list of Akamuti products you’ve chosen to natureofeurope@gmail.com.

To all the participants – thank you for all your entries – there will be more giveaways in the future, so make sure you check back often. A special thanks to our generous sponsor Akamuti and the always lovely and kind Lindsey for –  not only making these amazing natural products and sponsoring this giveaway – but also for being such a kind and supportive lady; it is a pleasure working with you!

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  60 Responses to “Akamuti Giveaway”

Comments (60)
  1. Akamuti is a brand I have always been curious to try but it is almost impossible to buy it in my country.
    So I will be really happy to try some of the products.

    • Hi Galina! Welcome to Nature of Europe! You did not list the products you wish to receive should you win. Please follow the instructions, otherwise your entry will not be eligible.
      You can buy Akamuti here, they deliver to Bulgaria, as well as from Akamuti official site.

  2. Hello! :))
    I haven’t heard Akamuti brand before, I’ve checked them out after I saw your post and I was pleasantly surprised! Everything sounds so good and it’s very hard to make a list, but after some thinking I’ve decided mine would look like this: Organic Coconut Oil 175g (£5.79), Replenishing Rose Facial Oil 50ml (£12.50), Organic Shea Butter 160g
    (£5.79) and Sweet Orange Facial Scrub 50g (£5.79). I’ve picked 2 of the products you reviewed as they sound really amazing!

  3. Hy dear, I haven’t try Akamuti brand, by the way I have heard a lot on your blog…I love your personal reviews and for me is very important read about products that are perfect for our skincare routine. I love the news and I like to enrich my knowledge of green products.
    My wishlist:

    Sweet Orange Facial Scrub 50g £6.95

    Sweet Orange Cleansing Cream £7.00–£11.94

    Neem Mineral Mask 100g £6.95

    Himalayan Bath Salts 500g £6.95

    Sincere thanks to you and Akamuti sponsor, for this big double opportunity
    Fingers crossed for all


  4. I’ve seen the Akamuti products but never tried them so far. What a great chance to win some now!
    I chose:
    Chocolate Marshmallow Face Mask £7.95
    Mums Tummy Butter £11.75
    Amla Powder £4.95
    Organic Coconut Oil £3.95

    But it was a really difficult decision!

    • Hi and welcome to Nature of Europe! What better way to discover great Akamuti products than to win some, right? I hear you, picking up only a few out of 137 great Akamuti products is not easy. 😀

      Good luck to you! :)

  5. Hiya, great giveaway! I didnt realise this brand was made in Wales, the name is so exotic sounding I presumed it was elsewhere!
    The products that sound great to me are –
    Organic Honey and Chamomile Lip Balm 15ml £3.95 (as I do get through them like drinking water!)
    Replenishing Rose Facial Oil 50ml £15
    Argan Organic Oil 100ml £12
    I tried the discount code from your Akamuti reveiws and it is still active, so I am going to treat myself to some of the Facial Rose Oil, it sounds lovely and ideal for me to use at night (with my oily skin) I love falling asleep surounded by lovely smells!!

    • Hey, darling! Yes, Akamuti is from Wales! On their Facebook page, you can find many beautiful photos of the place where these great handmade goodies are coming from!
      I hear you! – I go through lip balms like drinking water myself; you’re gonna love the Akamuti lip balm! It’s a treat for the lips and lasts a long time :)
      Oh, my discount is still active? Awesome! But in case it won’t be when you need it, Akamuti has another 15% discount (code: AKA15) till 31.7.
      Facial rose oil is a great choice: big bottle, affordable and works great; not to mention its lovely smell.

      Good luck, friend! :)

  6. I’d choose the Organic Shea And Olive Body Butter and Pomegranate Organic Oil

  7. Hello, beautiful opportunity, thank you! I have always followed the brand but I never had a chance to buy anything then I would love to discover its benefits.
    Certainly I would buy:


    Please contact me via email if I win! Thanks so much!

  8. I Love Akamuti <3

  9. I haven’t heard Akamuti brand before, but they seems very good!
    I’d choose
    Organic Coconut Oil 175 gr. £6.95
    Argan organic oil £12.00
    Thanks for the great chance! 😀

  10. I haven’t heard Akamuti brand before, but they seems very good!
    I’d choose
    Organic Coconut Oil 175 gr. £6.95
    Argan organic oil £12.00
    Thanks for the great chance!

  11. Hi, I see they run out of Rosehip seed oil, so instead I’d choose : Argan organic oil 100ml (2x) and Organic Rosewater 250ml. That’s all it takes! 😉

  12. I love their petroleum free jelly – such a great alternative to vaseline and a brilliant all around face balm, and their cocoa butter is awesome too! Those are my are my fav products but I would also love to try the organic shea butter 160g and the organic coconut oil 175g!

  13. thank you! I have always followed the brand but I never had a chance to buy anything

  14. I hanen’t heard about Akamuti brand before reading about it on Nature of Europe! Very interesting beauty products!
    My wishlist:
    1. Rose Berry Eye Revitaliser £7.96
    2. Replenishing Rose Facial Oil £15.00
    3. African Black Soap Unscented £6.50

  15. Hi, I’m a big Akamuti fan. The products I would choose are

    Baobab oil 100ml £9.95
    Comfrey balm 50ml £7.50
    Myrrh and frankincense balm 50ml £7.50
    Hemp oil organic 100ml £5.00

  16. I have heard about this brand, but never tried anything, this would be an amazing opportunity for all us natural cosmetics fans! Thank you!
    I’m not sure what I’d choose, it usually takes me a week o make up my mind… hahahahhahaha
    But let’s say this would be my choice:
    Organic Witch Hazel 100ml £5.42
    Evening Primrose Day Cream 50ml £7.29
    Sweet Orange Cleansing Cream £5.83
    Organic Coconut Oil £5.79
    Cocoa And Almond Body Butter £5.00

    • Hi Nikolina! With so many products to choose from, it’s hard to pick just a few. But on the other hand, getting 5 green beauty products for £30 is also great, isn’t it? Good luck! :)

  17. hi i’m french and I discovered this wonderful brand no longer it would be a pleasure and it would change my life if i could test these wonderful natural products

    hi i’m french i try to put a comment but it does not work!
    i would love to try these products because a try to find something who can work with my face and body, and i think that this brand can do it it’s all natural and very simple and i like that a lot!

    • Hi Marya! I’ve combined your two comments into one, as each participant gets only one entry. The commenting does work; as I’ve described in the giveaway post, comments are moderated and will be posted once I go through them. Regular readers of Nature of Europe know I don’t post during weekend and I’ve also written about this on my Facebook page on Friday.

    • Hi Helena! I don’t even know what to do with your entry. The sponsor of this giveaway is Akamuti and you’re suppose to pick Akamuti products from their site, not some random products from a completely different store.
      Also, you’ve previously followed NoE on Twitter for previous giveaways, then un-followed and now you follow again. You also claimed you’ve either shared, RT or left a comment in the past 2 months, but that’s not the case.

      • Hello Nature of Europe,
        with all the rescpect I owe you I inform you that I have complied with all the rules of the game.
        1) I followed the link that it was given to me and I choosed the products in good conscience by thinking that they belonged to the brand.And if this is not the case, we must not make a drama, I have not done this to annoy you.
        2) I always follow you on twitter and if my abandonment was made by mistake (as it maybe happenned when i unsubscribe myself wit pother twitters( when my list exceeds 2000) I’m like income even you and I follow with fidelity.
        3) for retweeters I came and retweeted every day and I have put my registered name@irjas1, because I can not put the link with the date retweet.(hope you understand,, if not, sorry for my english)
        4. pleasure was for me to participate, so I think I am less bothered than you to have lost , I have the hapiness that my best friend Tea was lucky to win this contest.And that s great!
        5)Haven t you found that i ve comeeveryday and also shared your post on fb?why should I shareon fb and not on twitter??
        6) That’s all, like that I wanted to be clear with you I’m not a bad participant and neither bad winner.Not at all ,like I understood with your reply of my comment.
        Good day!

        • Hello Helena!

          I agree with you – there really is no need for any drama; after all, these are giveaways, where people have a chance to win something for free, and at the end – and here I agree with you again – those who truly deserve to win, do.

          Even though I’ve said many times before, that I will not correct errors that participants make – after all, I make the instructions and rules as detailed and clear as possible – I still chase participants around the internet, asking them to correct their errors. Why? Simply because I wish they’d be eligible to win, only to hear I’m more annoyed than they are. How silly of me, right? Well, from now on, I won’t chase anyone all over, almost begging them to correct their errors. At the end, again, those who truly deserve to win – will.

          You had the chance of saying something, here, in the comments and on FB – as I’ve brought forth the issue to you, yet you didn’t say anything until the giveaway was closed.

          From now on, those who unfollowed NoE, will be automatically blocked, so there won’t be any need for drama as to why someone unfollowed. Those, who truly are interested in NoE, will follow regardless.

          Again, given how much I enjoy when I see the winners happy and seeing how beneficial these giveaways are to the sponsors, I am ending any type of drama from now on.

          Thank you for your comment.

  18. I have heard about this brand before but I have not yet tried any of the products. And with so many gorgeous products to chose from it’s hard to pick just a few.

    But I have narrowed it down to the following products:

    Watermelon Seed Oil 100ml £6.00

    African Black Soap Unscented 250ml £6.50

    Organic Shea Butter 160g £6.95

    Exotic Spice Aromatic Roll On 12ml £3.95

    Organic Honey and Chamomile Lip Balm 15ml £3.95

    • Hi Teresa! Welcome to Nature of Europe! Yes, it’s hard to pick just a few Akamuti products – given there’s so many great ones. You’ve got a nice selection going there, and I can easily recommend the lip balm you’ve picked: it’s nourishing and lasts a long time. Good luck! :)

  19. Hello! I have only tried Akamuti’s Frankincense Water as a toner. I have read great reviews about their African Black Soap so if I was lucky enough to win I would choose 2 bottles of African Black Soap 250ml (unscented), one for myself and one for my mum who has dry skin patches on her legs and feet. I also love face masks so I would really like to try their Neem Mineral Mask which might help to decongest my skin, I would also like the Rose Beauty Mask for a bit of luxury.

    • HI Yasmin! Akamuti’s Black soap is one of their prime products, yes. I’ve been using Akamuti rose replenishing facial cream as a facial mask, given it’s so rich and nourishing, so I can imagine the rose face mask must be even more luxurious. Great choice of products :) Good luck! :)

  20. I actually haven’t heard of this brand before and I’m surprised because they’re quite close to home (I’m Irish) and I’m always on the lookout for green beauty products that aren’t extortionately-priced!

    Anyway my product picks would be:
    Sweet Orange Cleansing Cream £7.00
    Organic Orange Blosson Water £6.95
    Cuticle Moon Hand and Nail Butter £6.95
    Green Clay Face Mask £4.95
    Ruby Fruits Lip Butter £3.95

    Was tough to choose because there were so many lovely-sounding things on the site I’d like to try!

    Great giveaway, thanks x

    • Hi Isabel! Glad I could introduce you to Akamuti! I like your term – extortionately – priced. I agree, some natural brands are going over-board with their prices, but not Akamuti. So many great purely natural products and the prices so affordable! I recommend orange cleanser a lot, and green clay face mask is also a great choice; I’ve been using green clay as a facial mask for a long time now. Good luck! :)

  21. I never had a chance to buy anything from this brand ^.^ I would choose the Comfrey Balm, Olive and Avocado Night Cream, Lavender and Geranium Body Moisturiser , Cocoa and Almond Body Butter.
    thanks for this lovely giveaway :-)

  22. Hello AKAMUTI :) Please sorry for my English :)

    I will be happy if I win! :) I want to win your great product for my mummy on her birthday :)

    I choose:
    Replenishing Rose Face Cream and Frankiscence water and Organic Witch Hazel :)

    Best regard from Slovakia, Maria :) xx

  23. I have purchased Skamuti products several times and I love them!

  24. I’ve heard great things about Akamuti and they are often being recommended to me.
    If I won, I’d pick Organic Unscented Clear Liquid Soap, Nappy Balm, Bedtime Baby Bath Milk.

  25. Hi!
    I haven’t heard about Akamuti brand before,but I love green products. Hope to try:
    Organic Shea Butter 160g
    Organic Honey and Chamomile Lip Balm 15ml
    Sweet Orange Facial Scrub 50g
    Exotic Spice Aromatic Roll On 12ml
    Sweet Orange Facial Scrub 50g

  26. I really love Akamuti products. All products smell simply perfect and quallity is awsome.

  27. I’ve seen the Akamuti products on page and someting already tried. Awesome brand:)
    I chose:
    Chocolate Marshmallow Face Mask £7.95
    Amla Powder 100g 4.95
    Frankincense Water 100ml £7.00
    Lavender And Geranium Body Oil 100ml £8.50

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