Jul 202017

I thought about posting a bit longer post on monthly Love Lula Beauty Boxes. I have to emphasize that these posts are just a quick first impressions on the products from Love Lula Beauty Box – not in any shape or form full reviews – the full reviews of the products will come later.

Love Lula July Beauty Box

I think July’s Beauty Box is quite awesome, as it contains balanced categories of products – hair care, makeup and skincare. Total worth of this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box is £60, however, with a subscription to Love Lula’s monthly Beauty Box, you can get it for the price of one product in the box – from £13,95 on. With the Beauty Box comes also a discount code of 20% on all the brands from the current Beauty Box as well.

Oh, and this month’s Beauty Box can be yours for free as well, but more on that bellow.

So what’s in July’s Love Lula Beauty Box?

Madara Fine Line Minimizing Cream 20ml – very light, gentle and velvety cream, with fast absorption and matte finish. Seeing Madara included in my Love Lula Beauty Box is always a treat.

Lyonsleaf Marshmallow Facial Oil full size – haven’t had a chance to try any products from this brand so far. Quick impression of this facial oil – it’s very rich and given it contains two “heavy” oils – Borago and Baobab oil, this one will have to wait for a colder weather to be properly tested and reviewed. The facial oil also contains geranium and centifolia, so you can expect a lovely scent as well. Very affordable product.

PHB Ethical Beauty Natural Mascara full size – one layer of this mascara gives a nice color to the lashes, with a medium volume, but not much lengthening. Two layers give an even bigger volume and nice length. The mascara does clump a bit, but for a more thorough review, I’ll have to test it some more.

REN Satin Perfection BB Cream 3 ml – a small tube, sample size. I thought the BB cream might be a bit on a darker side for me, however, given it’s sheer finish, that’s not so much of a problem, and it looks pretty in line with my skin tone. The final result, based on a quick application and first impression is a bit of a dewy and very velvety skin. Nice. But in order to give you a detailed review, I’d have to test a bigger size; and I just might in the future. At the moment, it doesn’t seem available on Love Lula site.

John Masters Organics Spearmint & Meadowsweet Shampoo 60ml – a travel size; the full size is currently out of stock. A very minty shampoo, the scent if quite strong, though I can’t say if it’s long lasting. Given the ingredients – all the minty ones – I’d say it offers a refreshing feeling on the scalp. A more detailed review will come later.

And you can get all these goodies for FREE – Love Lula has July’s Beauty Box for free when you spend £60 – just use a code FREEBOX. Cool, isn’t it?

FREE July Love Lula Beauty Box




Jul 182017

Nudus lipsticks are luxurious, handcrafted, all natural with 27 active botanical ingredients, long lasting, hydrating and softening and whose high pigmented beautiful colors are derived from bioactive color extracts. I think the headline for these beauties called Nudus lipsticks should suffice, but they do, indeed, deserve a detailed review – and this review was planned to go live nearly two years ago – yes, it’s taken so long to finally feature these amazing beauties from Australia. I’ve got them back in 2015 to test and review them for you, my lovely readers, and as you know, in that time and after it, many things have happened in my life, and I am slowly trying to somehow get back on track. […]

Nudus Lipstick Review
Jun 302017

Hello greenies! Surely this can’t be all from Summer for this year, can it? It’s been rainy and meh these past few days; hopefully, the weekend is more promising, as I could really use a disconnect time in the forest. I’ve had a bit of a rant prepared in regards to turncoats within green beauty blogging community; the ones, who are endlessly posting 376 expensive products in their daily beauty routines, and are now getting a sniff of the backlash, so they’re now starting the whole groups of how to be more… ahem… green. Also, as I’ve been saying for a long time now – the copycats, the thieves, are now not only trying to re-create the photos I post; […]

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #83
Jun 262017

Madara Eye Contour Cream is a gentle and hydrating eye cream of a very light texture, great for the sensitive under-eye skin, offering a calm and soothing feeling.   There are two schools of thought when it comes to under eye creams and under eye products in general – it’s either that this is just another marketing ploy of the beauty companies to sell more products we may not need, or the other thought, and that is the skin under eyes is different, mainly due to being far thinner and more sensitive, thus needing an extra care which the usual facial products may not provide. I tend to agree with both points of views – but I need to offer […]

Madara Eye Contour Cream Review
Jun 232017

Hello greenies! Phew, what a hot week this has been, right? Every time I catch myself complaining about the heat, I quickly remind myself of, say, February and how I was longing for hot sunny weather, and I stop complaining. Though, it seems, I can’t stop complaining about being tired, overwhelmed and how quickly the time is disappearing. The face of green beauty is changing, drastically, isn’t it? Given your emails and your complains – I see I am far from being the only one. Where quality used to matter – now it’s only about… jumping on this green bandwagon. The amount of beauty routines is… becoming distasteful, if you ask me. The bloggers, who used to offer quality, are […]

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Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #82